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IMO Friendica feels like beta software or outdated with no signs of improvement. Similar to how LibreOffice used to be for years. The layout is just not streamlined enough. It’s unnecessary complicated and the UI looks outdated on all themes.

If you cannot read it due to paywall search for an extension/add-on called Bypass Paywalls Clean.

What do you mean? Do you believe China is not a Dictatorship? That they do not heavily regulate the news both out and in. Are you even aware China has a “Great Firewall” to filter dissent speech? I like to read Light Novels from Japaneses, Korean and Chinese authors. From the many I’ve read, I encountered 3 really good novels that are sadly on “Hiatus”. Guess from where and why? If they can be this petty with fictional LNs they are capable of everything. I really don’t understand how will anyone defend China’s government unless you are a Chinese government shill, or are oblivious to world news.

  • don’t use any screen an hour prior to going to bed.
  • make sure you’re comfortable (temperature, light, sounds, mattress)
  • every night make a list on paper of all the things that worries you both consciously and subconsciously. Don’t know what are your subconscious worries? Speak with a therapist. Deal with whatever thing you need to do before bed, if nothing urgent, then declare to your mind that you will work on them the next day or in the future since your only job right then is to sleep.

Their government is a dictatorship and want to keep it like that. Thus they block any “dangerous” ideas. This is of course an oversimplification but you get the jest of it.

I don’t think there is one. What I do is use the website on Firefox wth uBlock Origin, and Decentraleyes add-ons.

According to my search Friendica is the best one for family/groups according to the interactions features compared to the other ones. But the downside/irony is that it can be less user friendly than the others ones IMO. Check for yourself to help you decide. Diaspora is a close second place.

  • For the author or anyone who wants to point out the obvious is for them to propose solutions, or partner with other to seek solutions.
  • For the problem with facebook is: for the people who are not too attached to it is to delete their account asap and seek more healthy social network(s). If you don’t want to delete your account but you don’t engage too much on it anyway then make it more private, and use it less and less while seeking more healthy social network(s). If you are a heavy facebook user that means you don’t value privacy (yours and everybody else), like being bombarded with Ads like a masochist, and already believe or is comfortable with frequent misinformation, and you are part of the problem; in that case I doubt any I say will change your mind, so you do you.
  • As for alternatives there is plenty but I exhort you to look at the fediverse apps. Mastodon and Pixelfed are good starting point.

If the frequency of post is too much then mute but visit their profile once in a while. Like looking a “list”.

If you cannot moves sensitive files to another storage device temporarily then, people should have those encrypted. With something like Cryptomator software.

You can always mute people you don’t want to see too much of them.

I think this is what I need to make the switch.

My favorite is hands down Vsauce. His Mind Field series is the greatest YouTube Originals on YouTube. There are many other great science content creator on YouTube but Michael Stevens approach is the best in my opinion. It elicit curiosity like no other while entertaining and educating. Too bad he is not as active as before.

…they end up eating the same shit they are complaining about.

They become part of the problem not the solution.

Because snaps are slower than flatpak per my experience. Also there is already many other ways to install software and why bother making things complicated, specially if the community already have a favorite. To install apps I chose distro_repo>flatpak> AUR≈Snaps≈appimage. This because it depends how the app behaves, its limitations and ease of update with everything else.

Yeah, but he did not wrote just a title, a headline, a a dictionary definition, or a tweet.

Oh! the irony. Points out facebook is not the best place, that is killing itself, that would like for a replacement to thrive but, makes no effort to promote a reasonable alternative. Its like when people say they are hungry but could not decide what to eat so they end up eating the same shit they are complaining about.

There is different phenomenons happening regarding your question.

  • Because we have access and exposition to global or national news brings an generalization perception problem. Example, its unlikely people with high education won’t be looking for housekeeping jobs.
  • labor shortage does not necessary means there’s no enough people. It could be they don’t want to work there for varied reasons.

But it helps in certain situations.

Similar to Twitter but smaller in audience. What it lacks, sometimes can be overcome by more personal engagement and less stupidity. It does not have an algorithm behind the scenes so you won’t get the dopamine rush of viral content.

Install the APK directly

is not good security advise.

PINE64 PinePhone I am rooting for you. ;) see what I did there?

More people playing on Linux may bring the interest of developers to create a Linux version for their games. More developers familiarizing or liking Linux may mean more native Linux versions. This way there is no need to use wine/proton middle-man software. Proton may work wonderful but there’s still the fact that there is a middle-man software, and will never be as optimize it can be. Games often have bugs and are release unfinished, imagine bringing more things in between, more points of breaking.

Font looks ugly, global scale broken, software crashes, games crashes. Fix than and then I will start using Wayland, because is so much “better” like you say.

Plenty of times humanity have found ways to control and keep a society under control; long before technology. This is just a new way to do it, along the other ways that are already happening.

To me is understanding. Understanding that before current times depression was less common because of community. Now society have change to be more selfish and isolated. That’s why group treatments are such a success in almost any mental health and substance use treatments. So…

  • We should not do this by our self necessarily, but seek help.

Understanding mental health for the most part is a combination of mental and physical issue. That’s why exercising “cure” depression for more than 30% of people. Food also plays a big role in mental health since we are what we eat.

  • Eat and exercise consistently & persistently.

Understanding perspective is everything. What we belief, think and perceived is basically you fate. So access your beliefs/perspective, if you are not getting better, they are sabotaging you by maintaining the depression. That’s why most self help books focus on this.

  • Challenge your beliefs and perspectives in pursue to ones that makes you feel better, hopeful, noticing happiness again. But easier said than done so see point #1.

Reaching a personal understanding of purpose of life and live by it. And also, truly understanding when they say “perspective is everything”.

When the time comes, we’ll create or adopt a galactic calendar. Then set up a an equivalent/translation to one place in earth.

Another drawback is that it’s centralized, kill the company and so go your passwords I suppose.

You supposed wrong. If for some reason their servers are unavailable you still have local access but lose sync. Enough for exporting and using another service if necessary. Still you should create a backup once in a while.

But the major drawback is that I can’t trust it. It’s got a “premium” version, and that has always meant a slow steady spiral into “you must pay now that we have you by the balls” situation.

So you have a beef with paying for services? or believe you deserve a premium quality software/service for free? If you don’t want to pay then chose a choice that…

suck major ball sack…

Also some people already recommended Keepass but it weird you didn’t mention it since is usually the first result for FLOSS. That one seems to fit your requirements.

That’s like asking why touchscreen TVs are not mainstream. There is different devices for different purposes. Most people that buy a laptop need the keyboard and use it as a desktop. If a person wants or needs a laptop with touchscreen they either buy the niche models that exist (2-1 laptops) or they use a tablet since that’s the main intended use. Otherwise it will be a waste of resources for a feature most laptop users wont be using enough.

Alone, Banana. Processed, probably grapes because of wine.

People like habits and don’t like to get out of their comfort zone. Or the “Why fix it if its not broken” mentality.

My hypothesis is the adage “out of sight, out of mind”. Is not the same having someone physically following you everywhere in a surveillance van, looking inside your home, when you buy groceries the cashier hands a copy of your receipt to the surveillance guy, etc. Since all that happens “hidden” away through the many services, apps, store cards, credit cards, etc. Although not all are too ‘hidden away’ as you can read it on their TOS and privacy terms or overwhelmingly obvious like in places like casinos with all the cameras but people cant be bothered reading TOS or got normalized to see all the cameras. We also often overestimate ourselves (human beings) thinking we have a level of intelligence and rational capacity but in reality we are more emotional and prioritize bias over rationality.

What do you mean by

energy issues

lethargic or hyperactive? If is about lethargic you should address your mental health hard to improve your mood. If its hypeactive, the same advise but focus more on organization and priorities. Like others have suggested floss while doing other things like on the computer or watching TV. Use any tools that help you keep you productive like Calendar, Task apps and its reminders, alarms, Notes app and, use the widgets on the Phone HomeScreen.

On the oral hygiene topic I’ll say if you can, buy an electric tooth brush. You can buy a good one for less than $50 on ebay. I also notice that using a regular floss was tedious until I tried a better one like ‘Listerine Ultraclean Mint Floss’. Regarding Mouthwashs there a various types of it. Try which one you really like the most and that will help you use it more often.

People are bias in nature and make choices based on “hunches”.