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Alone, Banana. Processed, probably grapes because of wine.

People like habits and don’t like to get out of their comfort zone. Or the “Why fix it if its not broken” mentality.

My hypothesis is the adage “out of sight, out of mind”. Is not the same having someone physically following you everywhere in a surveillance van, looking inside your home, when you buy groceries the cashier hands a copy of your receipt to the surveillance guy, etc. Since all that happens “hidden” away through the many services, apps, store cards, credit cards, etc. Although not all are too ‘hidden away’ as you can read it on their TOS and privacy terms or overwhelmingly obvious like in places like casinos with all the cameras but people cant be bothered reading TOS or got normalized to see all the cameras. We also often overestimate ourselves (human beings) thinking we have a level of intelligence and rational capacity but in reality we are more emotional and prioritize bias over rationality.

What do you mean by

energy issues

lethargic or hyperactive? If is about lethargic you should address your mental health hard to improve your mood. If its hypeactive, the same advise but focus more on organization and priorities. Like others have suggested floss while doing other things like on the computer or watching TV. Use any tools that help you keep you productive like Calendar, Task apps and its reminders, alarms, Notes app and, use the widgets on the Phone HomeScreen.

On the oral hygiene topic I’ll say if you can, buy an electric tooth brush. You can buy a good one for less than $50 on ebay. I also notice that using a regular floss was tedious until I tried a better one like ‘Listerine Ultraclean Mint Floss’. Regarding Mouthwashs there a various types of it. Try which one you really like the most and that will help you use it more often.

What do you mean by ?

earth burning currency

I am an environmentalist but if you are implying bitcoin is bad because it consumes too much energy I suggest you read some of the articles about comparing it to current banking system.

They are not very comparable. But you would know that if you would have read a little more than the title/headline.

Humanity’s future is gloom too.

Hasn’t been the message for the last 2000 years?

The current era is better to raise children than many other eras where human rights didn’t existed. Although it depends on which society too. Many of those worries are very subjective. Having or not having children ultimately is a personal choice* (except when is not e.g. Rape) and neither is wrong. Whichever you chose you will miss the benefits of the other. Both have pros and cons.

I trust Bitwarden. And even if they use Google analytics does not make them untrustworthy. It would be something that needs to be improved.

Can you provide more details? We cannot debate if there are no detailed claims.

You mean cheap right? Because otherwise you can send them including books to a service that scans them pretty for you.

Doing it yourself is either a printer/scanner for loose sheets or a Scanner app for books or everything really. I use TinyScanner app to avoid uploading the files to the cloud. But if that’s not an issue then any will do. Camscanner is really good. On the internet there’s a website that teaches you how to build a book stand specifically for scanning with cameras. But it’s expensive and do it yourself. Lastly I find orcmypdf the very best for ocr documents.

is the term preferred by corporations to refer to the system in general.

and by the rest of the world.

It’s useful to them as a way to…

Who is them? Canonical refer to its own product as Ubuntu. By the name of the distro and is the same with every company that produces a distro.

a component that is not a project done for the sake of freedom

The Linux Kernel and/or the many distros out there does not represents freedom? Really? If anything the Linux kernel is the poster boy for FLOSS.

as you would be prompt to point out, not all systems using the Linux kernel use GNU software.

No I wasn’t, I wasn’t even thinking about it. Maybe when it became more relevant to our conversation.

I see that we agree on some things and I understand the worry about corporations spins on things for their benefits. But I don’t see anything but a unsupported opinion about it, an anti-corporations bias making you believe GNU needs its due recognition and at this point, trying to force the notion Linux should be called GNU/Linux. Except that’s not how language evolves. Linux as an OS is not slang, because it means:

Slang is vocabulary of an informal register, common in spoken conversation but avoided in formal writing.

As Linux IS written in formal writing and is not informal in any way except by the GNU/Linux advocates.

Those arguments didn’t hold the first time, why do you think copy n paste will argue it better a second time? Those arguments are full of unsupported opinions. It states Linux is a corporate term but that’s a half truth. Linux is a term use by both corporations and the community.

Also by calling it Linux you refer to all system running the Linux kernel. Is that what we are about?

No. Depending on the context it may refer to the kernel or to the Linux distros. The same way we may be talking about America the continents or America as the country. Anyone that insist Linux is just the Kernel will be right in your argument but ultimately will be wrong because the premise is wrong.

How? … Just How could you see the word Linux and think of corporate? Linux more often than anything is related to community, forums, open standards, chat forums like telegram/discord/element. Heck, even Lemmy is full of tech posts,Linux included in many of them. And NEVER have I see on the internet someone referring to Linux as “GNU for short around people that know about it.” that more than ridiculous. Even the pedantic elitist that insist on the name GNU/Linux or GNU+Linux don’t go that far.

a Lemmy instance just to claim Linux should be called GNU/Linux 🤡

The same way words can have different meanings like

arm I have an ant bite on my arm. It’s important to arm yourself with a solid education.

Linux is both a Kernel and a Operating System offered in many variations called Distrubutions or “distros” for short.

Some people like to also called it:


but that’s too long so people just call it Linux.