I don’t know if I am missing a point or not but I don’t exactly quiet get the hype as to me, it just chrome with poor man’s uBlock Origin and their own crypto in the mix.

Like how it that different from me using ether Librewolf or even Google Chromium and install uBlock Origin compare to Brave?

  • @TheAnonymouseJoker@lemmy.mlM
    101 year ago

    Brave is basically just for people too dumb to install uBlock Origin on Firefox, and who desire a worse experience with the fickle greed of BAT garbage.

    • Marxism-Fennekinism
      1 year ago

      Honestly, their “make money while you browse while making money for your favorite websites all while maintaining privacy” thing is so on the nose for “too good to be true” that I’m genuinely disappointed by how many people who are supposedly pro privacy and FLOSS development fall for it. If someone promises the world, they’re almost always either misguidedly deceiving themselves, or maliciously deceiving you.