1. Fish Shell

  2. Nushell

  3. Dune

  4. Xonsh

  5. Hilbish

  6. Elvish

  7. Oh

  8. Solidity

  9. Yash

  • @winnie@lemmy.ml
    31 year ago

    But have you tried them?

    I’ve actually used Fish on my old system. I didn’t use it as daily driver. Now I’ve installed Manjaro, and it uses ZSH by default. And now I can compere them, and oh my, Fish auto-completion is way better. it’s interactive, showing command names and help on them. and allow to select completion by arrows, not [Tab].

    Only downside of fish is that it is incompatible with Bash. In Zsh you could copy-paste bash commands from tutorials and they would just work, but in Fish you need ot alter them, for example $(cmd) is just (cmd) in Fish.

    • @Ordoviz@lemmy.ml
      31 year ago

      Fish is slowly adding more POSIX syntax, e.g. $(cmd), export ENV_VAR=1 and CFLAGS=-02 make now work as you would expect.

    • @dressupgeekout@lemmy.ml
      21 year ago

      Truthfully, I’ve not tried them.

      I was about to make a comment along the lines of “I’ve already learned how to do command line things, my OS already comes with a few shells, why SHOULD I take the time to learn a new shell?” — but then I reflected on this and realized something: it’s the same thing as saying “Windows comes with Explorer/Edge, why SHOULD I go through the trouble to pick up a new web browser?” And yet, I unquestioningly download Firefox first thing when I install a new OS, hmm.

      You’ve made me think :]