You probably already know about the popular shells like bash and zsh. Let us explore some interesting and unique shells.
  1. Fish Shell

  2. Nushell

  3. Dune

  4. Xonsh

  5. Hilbish

  6. Elvish

  7. Oh

  8. Solidity

  9. Yash
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But have you tried them?

I’ve actually used Fish on my old system. I didn’t use it as daily driver. Now I’ve installed Manjaro, and it uses ZSH by default. And now I can compere them, and oh my, Fish auto-completion is way better. it’s interactive, showing command names and help on them. and allow to select completion by arrows, not [Tab].

Only downside of fish is that it is incompatible with Bash. In Zsh you could copy-paste bash commands from tutorials and they would just work, but in Fish you need ot alter them, for example $(cmd) is just (cmd) in Fish.
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Fish is slowly adding more POSIX syntax, e.g. $(cmd), export ENV_VAR=1 and CFLAGS=-02 make now work as you would expect.
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WOW! Gotta install it again. I was actually planing on it. But was lazy.
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Truthfully, I’ve not tried them.

I was about to make a comment along the lines of “I’ve already learned how to do command line things, my OS already comes with a few shells, why SHOULD I take the time to learn a new shell?” — but then I reflected on this and realized something: it’s the same thing as saying “Windows comes with Explorer/Edge, why SHOULD I go through the trouble to pick up a new web browser?” And yet, I unquestioningly download Firefox first thing when I install a new OS, hmm.

You’ve made me think :]

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