Here Are Five Anonymity and Privacy Proposals That Must Be Included in the GOP Platform - Revolver
The GOP absolutely must elevate the defense of anonymous speech and privacy more generally to the top of its policy agenda.

I think these proposals need to be in both party platforms - they are excellent suggestions that would make a real difference
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I love what you are doing and trying to do similar myself. The more people that do, the better.

But I think there is a lot of value in attacking this problem with the suggestions in this article through legislation.

I know of data that is being collected about people that is totally out of their control, that is one reason why legislation is needed.

worth a try. i think both the Left and Right are in bed with BigBiz, though, and won’t seriously change any thing unless their PuppetMasters agree.
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exactly. and that is why those businesses aren’t stopped from forming monopolies - which are against are laws, but those laws aren’t enforced for companies help certain sectors of gov’t.

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