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I love what you are doing and trying to do similar myself. The more people that do, the better.

But I think there is a lot of value in attacking this problem with the suggestions in this article through legislation.

I know of data that is being collected about people that is totally out of their control, that is one reason why legislation is needed.

Wow what a thoughtful response. Thank you.

I take the view that when a person joins any community, nobody (including themselves) know the ultimate contribution they will make to that community.

This group is bringing a lot of people to the Linux and FOSS community that would not otherwise have joined. As they discover what it has to offer, they will discover ways to help.

BTW if you check out their group chat on Telegram, they spend most of their time pointing people to a wide variety of FOSS projects.

I think the community will be better for their efforts then not.

I think these proposals need to be in both party platforms - they are excellent suggestions that would make a real difference

This is an ambitious goal. It is going to introduce a lot of plain folk to Linux.

Delta chat took the Signal open source and hooked up the back end to SMTP. https://delta.chat/en/

What about taking the open source Telegram client and hooking up XMPP protocol to it.

And privacy And freedom And democracy