I’m playing with steam with the latest version of proton on Linux Mint 21. Kernel 5.15.0-56. RTX 3070, last generation am4 R7 1800X.

Certain games crash for no apparent reason, requiring a hard reset.

The two most recent games with this issue were Horizon Zero Dawn and Remnant: From the ashes. It doesn’t seem to be related to anything. It’s not related to high load or load in, though sometimes it correlates other times it will just crash while nothing is happening.

I think it might have something to do with the Vulcan shaders. Both of the named games take an unusually long time to process them. With Horizon Zero Dawn it can take up to twenty minutes and the processing itself causes the CPU fans to ramp up.

I checked Nvidia’s website to make sure I was using the most recent driver. It shows 525.60.11 as the most recent, which is what I’m using. The recommended open kernel version simply doesn’t work, but closed works just fine; and I have no reason to think it’s a gpu issue.

I don’t know if this is a solvable issue or if its something that has to be dealt with.

On a side note: how do you get the resolution you want? I have a 4k monitor but my display is set to 1080p for readability. There’s upscaling, but that upscales the game. The option to go above your system resolution is not available. So the only real solution would be to set the display to the hardware resolution and put my nose against the screen in order to access the game. It seems like such a weird hindrance. The hardware is there, but for readability sake you’re stuck at 1080p