Hi, I have a couple free days on hand with nothing to do.

Any technologies or services one should learn? Maybe software that’ll be important in the next couple of years? Maybe some hardware one should learn to use?

I’m not afraid to spend a little money, but I need some things to do for a couple of days.

11urte bat

Some neat projects to start here: https://github.com/danistefanovic/build-your-own-x

4urte bat

Thank you for this, really!

2urte bat

https://orangedatamining.com/ this, try to build some example workspaces

If you’re not already using Linux on your computer, 3 days can help you customize a great productivity setup.

If you already are using Linux, you could try packaging some software for your distro. Surprisingly easy and a great way to give back, but kind of requires some software you use to not be packaged in your distro already.

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