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This is the most retrd thing I have ever witnessed

Lemmy is a fediverse instance resistant to censor, not “a reddit alternative” such as lobste.rs or tild.es

This means every smart person including anon or the alt-right /pol/ frens running away from centralised cancer like Twitter/Netflix left propaganda and cancel culture, TikTok e-girls dances, reddit antinatalism, and Instagram butt-pics, should hide here in the fediverse.

Smart people are here even if they have different political views, and they coexist sharing interesting information, because we are all running away from the cancer of centralised social networks.

PROTIP: Anon should raid gab.com not Mastodon, Lemmy or any decentralised censor-resistant oasis in the desert of the modern internet censored by 6mil elves

Attaching pic of the spurdo sparde to prove I am ancient wizard oldfg from anontalk and this place is not for antifa furry weebs.

Incels versus feminists is just divide et impera propaganda to avoid people fighting for human rights together.

It worked in the US, so it makes sense that it will pass also in UK.


With hentai tentacles doing seppuku with origami

But the meme isn’t funny: it’s missing any double entendre, or pun, or reference.

At least write something like “shutters goes brrr” or something even more stupid like “NodeRED go brrrr” or a complex explanation on the wizard wojak about the actual usefulness of having voice activated lights with colours🤷🏻‍♂️

Maybe it could be useful on system where you cannot install another OS, or at work, I don’t know. But at least you have access to all tools in repositories, without installing anything.

(But I agree I would have just used a bash script to run qemu to achieve that)

I used to edit with Shotcut, but kdenlive is so much better!

You just need to watch 2 minutes tutorial on YouTube for the first use, and you will basically use only two keyboard hotkeys: S to select and X to cut.

Thanks for sharing this project, I didn’t know about it and it looks promising

I still didn’t get how to use LXC containers, and there is version 5.0 of LXD already!

Why focusing on meritocracy to produce a better result, when you can politicize technologies and focus on people feelings, sexuality, propaganda, that sure will help to select the best engineers.

It’s not anarchy, it’s more like natural selection. And it happens through freedom.

I have never used it… I wish there was a clear use case example

The web was already decentralised 🤷🏻‍♂️

Anyway it’s like trying to keep normies out of TikTok, you can’t stop progress

Smart idea! Thanks for making them: the world needed something like that! I am going set one as my wallpaper at work immediately

Unfortunately there are no technical support agents available at the moment, please try looking for your answer by typing on YouTube: “best encrypted calls iphone 2021 for bank robbery”

Thank you for choosing us.

Best regards,

Thank you for this, really!

Why are you listing email in the same category as big tech/Facebook?

You normies can’t tell 💩 from 🍫.

Welcome to NNTP spam all over again

Welcome to NNTP spam all over again

Where is the FTP and IMAP source code?

PROTIP: there isn’t any.

Checkmate open source community!

I didn’t know about that technology, very interesting

I think nobody is commenting only because this is all true, and there is nothing else to say.

Email is a success, but it’s sad how centralized internet has become.

Matrix and XMPP are the best services!

Please do not forget about Revolt the open source and self hostable, clone of Discord.

Finally! I can’t wait to see it working

Steal their work and rebrand it, just to teach them. Put a note on it about “use another license next time”. I’m serious.

Snap and flatpack are for people that like docker.

People that don’t understand how things works and just want to use them. Everyone knows that.

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