Review of Linux Mint 20.2 Uma Cinnamon edition, tested in as triple-boot Windows and Linux configuration on a laptop with UEFI, AMD Ryzen CPU and Vega graphics, covering live session, installation and post-install usage, including look and feel, fonts, customization, HD scaling, software selection, tools and utilities, system helpers, media playback, Samba speed, performance, responsiveness, stability, hardware compatibility, hardware issues, boot-related black screen problem on battery power, other observations, and more
2urte bat

I just skimmed it but he said his samba speeds were 9mbps. I’ve never had it that slow before. I wonder what his testing setup for samba was? I wonder if the slow speeds were caused by something else in his setup.

3urte bat

A great review of Mint! And there are excellent screenshots throughout.

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Linux Mint is a free Linux-based operating system designed for use on desktop and laptop computers.

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