This will allow more fan art to be created and allow them to be featured in things like supertuxkart (which features tux and the gimp mascot iirc)

The best mascot for promotion is probably aros’s:

  • Mossy
    22 years ago

    I think that lots of Fediverse platforms already have some really good mascots.

    Off the top of my head, there’s:

    • The PeerTube octopus
    • The Mastodon mastodon
    • The Mobizillion Fox
    • The Pleroma anime girl
    • The Lemmy mouse

    Some platforms like Funkwhale have semi-official mascots as well. It shouldn’t be a requirement, but I think that’s it’s cool that these platforms have them and a racing/fighting game with all of them involved would be a lot of fun lol