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Because it is still buggy. It is still not 100% compatible with synapse. It is much more lightweight (I think, I haven’t tested synapse and I will never do so). I think that there are missing some settings, for example, notifications (I cannot mute notifications and other related) and yesterday I tried to change my display name but my server went crazy and I had to restart it. I’m using monolith mode. Basically it works, but not enough to recommend it to my family.

Ah, Spaces don’t work too.

They don’t recommend using dendrite for too many people.

I do. But only for myself. I bridge whatsapp with it. Currently using dendrite, not v1.0. So I prefer not to make my family use it.

I have some of my family on an existing instance.

Wait, they are using Kotlin to build a desktop application. Isn’t that strange, or am I just outdated? I hope it doesn’t take too much RAM. But the application itself looks really well!

I also use Vimium to have vim keybindings on my browser. Vimium C or FF, I don’t care.

ADI yay aginduak ez du sudo behar baina konpilazio oso luzea egiten baduzu, baliteke konpilatu ondoren sudo pasahitza eskatzea eta zu beste nonbait egotea eta ondorioz instalazioa kantzelatzea

I personally use migadu. Don’t know about how private it is but I is cheap and allows for loads of addresses and domains.

I liked the video. However, it feels strange to me that he didn’t mention neither Japan or Korea. Specially because in one of the clips he uses, the commentator mentions “Kanji”, refering to the Chinese characters used on the Japanese writing system, not the ones used on the Chinese one.

That’s really nice! Remember that until Leafish and Cuberite are completely ready there is already a minecraft alternative called Minetest. As I said, an ALTERNATIVE. It doesn’t work exactly as Minecraft, but is also really fun. Currently, much much less bloated than Minecraft imo (I really enjoy it).

I actually made several memes a while ago about making Minecraft FOSS, so I’m really happy about this. And there is even Cuberite, which I didn’t know.

This is an opportunity we cannot afford to miss. This client could replace all proprietary free minecraft clients and that way (much) more people could be aware of Free Software.

Ezingo dut bideorik egin. Uste dut. Behintzat oraingoz.

Baina galderak badituzue, galdetu lehenbailen.

Why even bother? Just avoid proprietary software.


Or just use liberapay or opencollective to handle donations

Ez dut arazorik ikusten erakundearekin. Pertsona horrekiko, ez dut ezer gehiago edo hobeagoa espero. Arrazoia ez dut hemen emango.

You are posting twice your comments btw. Edit: Now duplicates disappeared, what? maybe it’s a client’s bug

Wow. NearlyFreeSpeech? agh, I thought it was some kind of service everyone liked because of his oldschool interface. I just moved all my domains into it. I hope you are right and that it is good

Why would they be banned? I really have no idea. I haven’t read the whole website btw, so sorry for my ignorance.

I thought this page was done by a single celebrity, not a group.

It’s a shame it requires js to use it (I guess something to be expected on a 99.1% js project).

With JS enabled: It looks pretty nice and it’s really cool for it to be AGPL (personal opinion).

I just made an account, but seems like I cannot change my password.

And from now on, I guess many people will disagree but, they seem to be using some google service (googletagmanager) and there is no alternative to github. Seems like, although I haven’t tried to solve any issue, you need a github account to actually do stuff. So I don’t like it.

I will have to keep an eye on this project to see how it evolves.

Sorry, not related to the topic but… nice application of Cunningham’s law btw. https://xkcd.com/386/

Kriptomonetak CI hausten

Badirudi lotsagabe batzuk dabiltzala internetetik bueltaka Countinuous Integration eskaintzen duten doako zerbitzuak esplotatzen bertan kriptomonetak minatzen. …

Programazio lenguaia perfektuaren bila: Eman zure iritzia

Kaixo. Iñigo naiz eta beste tokiren batean komentatu dudanez, programazio lenguaia perfektuaren bila nabil. Programazio lenguaia bat perfektoa izateko ondorengo baldintzak ipintzen ditut:

  • Ikasteko erraza…


Ez dut ulertzen. Suposatzen da lemmy federatua dela ezta? Eta suposatzen da beste instantzia batzuetako jendea edo komunitateak jarraitu ditzakegula edo beste komunitate batzuetan bidalketak egin? Ingelesez dauden bidalketa batzuk ikusten ditut baina ez dakit nola egin duten hemen agertzeko…

Egun on!

Sortu berri dut nire kontua. Redditten alternatiba euskaldun eta librea, hobeagoa ezinezkoa!..