France fines Google and Facebook €210M, says complex cookie opt-outs are illegal.

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How about do nothing cookie rejection? No popups, no banners, nothing. If I want to enable cookies, I’ll let you know.

2urte bat

Good. Almost the way it should be, except it should be opt-in. Doesn’t tealy matter a damn though Google is going to kill the cookie for something more baked-in to the browser I think.
1urte bat

They are, it’s called FLOC. Hopefully this actually increases the privacy of non-google based browsers as a side effect.

urte bat

I love how France is becoming the anti-Australia.
9urte bat

It should be like this in every website not just Google and Facebook. Navigating online with the tor browser is very annoying because of the cookie messages always popping up.
4urte bat

It would be way easier if the websites had to enable or disable tracking cookies based on the “Do Not Track” setting instead of an unnecessarily annoying pop up

This is a what Global Privacy Control is supposed to be.

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