The best framework for coordinating — and making a difference — may not be a choice between the two models, but a blend of both.
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What’s a DAO? As far as I can tell it’s a kind of organisational model where the rules and governance of that community/organisation are encoded into code running on a blockchain.

I feel somewhat uncomfortable about a future in which there are rules which literally can not be broken. – Alleviating the human problem of broken trust, by eliminating trust itself.

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Hmm tl;dr:

  • Lots of good ideas from coops, a bit hand-wavey how those could apply to DAOs
  • On the DAO side: You can do a lot of things when you have plenty of cash swapping around, unclear why people should put lots of cash into by design non-profit coops.

So I’m not sure what exactly we can learn from this piece…

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Things daos can learn from coops:

1)they can be more focused on social causes not really a flaw of daos but a just a comment on how most daos just exist for memes/speculation atm instead of some great social cause.

2)on how to effectively give members a feeling ownership by changing from a model of dividends and governance rights to one of transparency into how founders and executives are paid and how partnerships with third parties are made.

  1. to establish shared values

Things coops can learn from daos:

  1. how to go quickly from the idea to execution phase

  2. new funding models

  3. new ways of giving back to the community

Coops can be for-profit or non-profit the article was talking about the for-profit ones.

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I guess you summarized the article better than me, but I still don’t see where any of this could be helpful.

As the article states, even the for-profit coops don’t put profit first and often develop when normal for-profit companies deem an activity unprofitable.

DAOs are the exact opposite in that regard. They exists as investment and speculation vehicles where people put money to make more money.

I just don’t see why anyone would put money into a DAO that is explicitly organized as a unprofitable as a typical coop. And even if someone was so charitable, I doubt that it would do any better than a regular coop would do with the same money.

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