Invite links to the server (for both Discord and Matrix) and rules can be found at the following link towards the bottom of the page: I've been working on this initiative for a few months now, this video essentially is meant to serve as a pitch to Fediverse users. As things progress, I'll begin pitching to broader and broader audiences hopefully. If you have any questions you can either DM me on Mastodon or join the server. We'd love to have you.

This video is meant moreso to serve as a pitch to those who are already interested in promoting these values. The focus is really on giving more organization to free culture projects and initiatives.

Really what’s needed more than anything else is drive, but if you have any skills or projects you’d like to share, let us know.

If PeerTube isn’t working, the video is also hosted on YouTube:
07 hilabete

Peertube is working just fine.
7 hilabete

There was a lot of buffering earlier on because there weren’t peers at the time. It seems to be picking up now.
16 hilabete

Liking the video, great! Wanted to provide an Invidious link, but video cannot be found there unfortunately.

Social Media Reimagined

This is a companion to Fediverse Futures on Social Coding to elaborate the Fediverse from high-level, non-technical perspectives, brainstorming our visions and dreams.

We need a more holistic approach to fedi development and evolution. We need product designers, graphics artists, UX / UI / Interaction designers, futurists and visionaries to join the dev folks. Everyone is encouraged to join here and enrich our views on what Fediverse can be with diverse and different viewpoints, and to stimulate brainstorming, creativity, thinking out-of-the-box and crazy, wild ideas.

Some guidelines

  • Choose a descriptive title that speaks for itself.
  • Be substantive in your comments and stay on-topic.
  • Treat others as you want to be treated, respectful.
  • Don’t be overly critical, we are just brainstorming.

Please read the Social Coding Community Participation Guidelines for more information.

Our fedi hashtags

#Peopleverse #FediverseFutures #Web0 #SocialNetworkingReimagined #UnitedInDiversity #Fedivolution2022 #SocialCoding #ActivityPub

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