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I gave my jacket to a guy nearly naked (and clearly freezing) who was waiting for the bus, in a cold rainy day. I don’t know why he was in that state, I didn’t ask, and I didn’t tell this thing to anyone.

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That was very kind of you, I like the way you roll.

I once started talking with someone online and he lived an another city. We talked quite a lot since he was like super into chatting at ANY hour, sometimes I think he does not even sleeps because he is like always online. I met him because of another friend who also lives in the city, Andrea is the name of my friend and Balones the name of the person I am talking. He is a compulsive liar and I am pretty sure he has some mental issues, he always said stuff like he worked in a lot of crazy and important jobs and that he always travelled a lot, and he had a way to always allow him to he talking, he would talk forever. One day he tells me that he is in my city so I accepted his invite to meet, since I started to suspect he could be a bit dangerous I told my friend that he should keep calling me every 15 minutes and that if I woukd to accept the call, he should come. He was staying in a hotel a couple of blocks from my home, we met halfways and went there. There was an entrance with a hall until a desk with a receptionist and then a vertical line filled with doors that openes rooms, at the of the row it was his room. We enter, and he locks the door. There were two beds, and some small table in betweeb them with whisky poured in a glass half empty and a knife on it. We sit each on a bed facing each other and he starts rambling about he putting he knife there on purpose just to demonstrate something like he coukd do it if he wants but he doesn’t want to hurt me, or something like that. He had some weed so we smoked two joints while we drank some booze, while he kept talking and saying a lot of nonsense. After some time my friend came and he helped me to get out. Then he started creating different facebooks accounts with different personas and personalities so I blocked them but I still talk some time when we meet with friend

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