• comfy
    72 years ago


    I don’t think Lemmy is the platform that should be used for following individuals. It’s not Friendica or Mastodon or Pleroma or (etc.), it’s a link aggregator for topics and communities. I personally believe celebrityism should be avoided.

    If you really want, you can already view /u/ pages and you can probably make an RSS feed of them. But the idea of following a users isn’t really what this software should encourage.

  • poVoq
    62 years ago

    Lemmy specifically does not have that. It is not an oversight but a design goal as far as I know.

    Now that you can follow Lemmy communities from other Fediverse software, why not create a user specific feed there? Friendica for example seems to work well for that.

  • @Peter1986c@lemmy.ml
    2 years ago

    Perhaps, but I would rather see (heh) the “/u/” thing used instead of “/c/”, unless it is about e.g. a famous person and not a community made by said person. This way there is better distinction between e.g. /c/TomScott and /u/TomScott.*

    *not that I expect him here though, given how much he dislikes Reddit. Anyway, it was just an example.

    Edit: fixed a typo that made the comment show commas instead of periods in one abbreviation.

  • @wazowski@lemmy.ml
    22 years ago

    iirc there was a discussion a long time ago here, like 1.5-2 years, about implementing something like that, with /b/username (b for blog), but decided on postponing it until a later day if i recall correctly

    you can try to search for it :)