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On lemmy.ca there is a new community of which the mod thinks it is okay to basically run it as such: https://lemmy.ml/c/elon@lemmy.ca To sub to it, you might have to go to it via the “communities” menu of your instance.

Go to Communities --> search “elon” --> pick the sub out of the results --> click subscribe. With federated subscriptions, by my knowledge there is no other way with Lemmy.

I would say it depends. In the case of OP being from/in the US I might see your point. But only then.

Wait, are you genuinely stating that you think that rape should go unpunished?

Gentoo is younger than the distros mentioned, and is not in the same league in terms of influence.

Set Firefox to be your default browser and voilà.

Perhaps, but I would rather see (heh) the “/u/” thing used instead of “/c/”, unless it is about e.g. a famous person and not a community made by said person. This way there is better distinction between e.g. /c/TomScott and /u/TomScott.*

*not that I expect him here though, given how much he dislikes Reddit. Anyway, it was just an example.

Edit: fixed a typo that made the comment show commas instead of periods in one abbreviation.

I joined Lemmy before federation worked, which is why I joined the “flagship” instance. In addition, other instances are often more localised, theme-specific or very political (Lemmygrad, Wolfballs). And some instances are poorly guarded outposts via which the troll incursions are coming in. Mind you, the admins there are probably good people but it does do little good to the name of those instances (and they risk defederation). Maybe if Lemmy as a whole grows people might successfully spread, but for now most would stick to the bigger instances with the most topics and the best moderation.

Edit: I interpreted the question as specific to Lemmy, even though the topic is in /c/fediverse.

Reported you. As well as your “dick” pic.

Same here. I am still seeding this video though, hoping that helps indirectly.

Oh wait. That was a fake Dessalines account that got banned. I had a brief WTF moment.

I might want to say I am willing to be a mod (I live in the CET tz, btw), although I am not entirely certain I would be (good) mod material. I would not mind giving that a try though.

Whoa, both black and “of color”? Do you think we are therefore more likely to believe you are not just messing with us?

My only complaint is that the lines used for rebasing etc. are not very easy to distinguish from each other in terms of the kind of relation being visualised (rebase/merge/influence/…). But maybe it’s my eyes.

I do not think he did, because @lemmy.schuerz.at exist for a while already (afaik). So he created a new /c/ on there.

Just guessing, but maybe “gaming news” functionally fits well within /c/gaming. So there is little reason for people to join your first /c/. The other I would not be able to write much about 'cause I do not know what that one is about.