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The way it is packaged does not give much of a hint I think. The boxes are also not original and I did not find a description in them.

May have to look tomorrow (during my afternoon shift) if I have the time. From my memory, packaging were plastic bags with one type of part only (star or sticks) and sorted by colour. The photo I showed was either some kind of sample or what was taken out by colleages to have look (before I arrived).

A few boxes of stuff like in the photo came in at the thrift store I volunteer at, but none of us are certain on what it is. Searching the branding on it (Siventi) did not yield useful results. The pieces fit but come loose easily no matter which of the holes are used. The "chopsticks" are somewhat capabele of beding apart OR together and seem made of the same hard plastic as the star. Do any of you have ideas?

I thought to remember that the acronym no longer stands for anything.

On there is a new community of which the mod thinks it is okay to basically run it as such: To sub to it, you might have to go to it via the “communities” menu of your instance.

Go to Communities --> search “elon” --> pick the sub out of the results --> click subscribe. With federated subscriptions, by my knowledge there is no other way with Lemmy.

I would say it depends. In the case of OP being from/in the US I might see your point. But only then.

Wait, are you genuinely stating that you think that rape should go unpunished?

Gentoo is younger than the distros mentioned, and is not in the same league in terms of influence.

Set Firefox to be your default browser and voilà.

Perhaps, but I would rather see (heh) the “/u/” thing used instead of “/c/”, unless it is about e.g. a famous person and not a community made by said person. This way there is better distinction between e.g. /c/TomScott and /u/TomScott.*

*not that I expect him here though, given how much he dislikes Reddit. Anyway, it was just an example.

Edit: fixed a typo that made the comment show commas instead of periods in one abbreviation.

I joined Lemmy before federation worked, which is why I joined the “flagship” instance. In addition, other instances are often more localised, theme-specific or very political (Lemmygrad, Wolfballs). And some instances are poorly guarded outposts via which the troll incursions are coming in. Mind you, the admins there are probably good people but it does do little good to the name of those instances (and they risk defederation). Maybe if Lemmy as a whole grows people might successfully spread, but for now most would stick to the bigger instances with the most topics and the best moderation.

Edit: I interpreted the question as specific to Lemmy, even though the topic is in /c/fediverse.

Reported you. As well as your “dick” pic.

Same here. I am still seeding this video though, hoping that helps indirectly.

Oh wait. That was a fake Dessalines account that got banned. I had a brief WTF moment.

I might want to say I am willing to be a mod (I live in the CET tz, btw), although I am not entirely certain I would be (good) mod material. I would not mind giving that a try though.

Whoa, both black and “of color”? Do you think we are therefore more likely to believe you are not just messing with us?

My only complaint is that the lines used for rebasing etc. are not very easy to distinguish from each other in terms of the kind of relation being visualised (rebase/merge/influence/…). But maybe it’s my eyes.

I do not think he did, because exist for a while already (afaik). So he created a new /c/ on there.

Just guessing, but maybe “gaming news” functionally fits well within /c/gaming. So there is little reason for people to join your first /c/. The other I would not be able to write much about 'cause I do not know what that one is about.

I did not see them here yet (although I am only really visiting this instance), but maybe I am not seeing that well. :P

I do not see what neo-liberalism has to do with this tbh.

Perhaps you make a point there. However, the discussion was more on traffic safety (and slightly about drivers with small members). So I do not know why you brought that up.

That GMC vehicle probably would be classified a truck outside USA/Canada/Australia. Thus requiring a license of a type mostly only pro drivers would have. Not that that fixes everything but would reduce risk (statistically).

Is the term “Social fabric” not already used by the Humanities (e.g. sociology)? I would recommend we do not use names that are already academic jargon (unless they would mean the same thing).

It would not be well-understood by Gen Z. :P

Millenials are the last gen (in the West) to have grown up with the old-school style of typing emoticons, I think. But that may be just my impression.

Let me start my reply with a small apology. The way I phrased my question (“where is that the case?”) I might have come across as inconsiderate. I may also have initially misread what you wrote, taking the comment on empty homes a tad too literal. That is, if we count for e.g. unused office space than you are certainly on point.

I believe exactly the opposite. In France and USA we have been giving billions of euros to decades to the construction mafia to build more housing, yet prices keep rising as fast as the number of homeless people. I mean considering that the laws of supply and demand apply to some extent, it makes sense: if millions of landowners voluntarily withdraw their property from the market, you create a speculative bubble where prices cannot go down despite new constructions. If you add to this the fact that any social policies our respective governments had after WWII are actively being dismantled, and social housing in France is now managed like a mafia (where in many places you either pay up under the desk, or wait ~5y on a list) and prioritizing luxury “social” housing in new construction for middle classes, we’re in deep shit. Who profits from “build more”? Big companies and corrupt officials, as always. It will just damage the environment and keep making more people homeless, if those constructions are not tied to an actual social policy.

First of all, when I wrote “build more” I meant to include initiatives such as transforming office space into residential buildings. Sorry if this was not sufficiently implied in my comment. Secondly, I can agree to the notion that the construction mafia needs to be dealt with somehow (i.e. curbing corruption etc.). On your supply and demand remark: many nations in Europe that have housing issues have countrysides that are massively aging and depopulating. Cities in same countries often are growing, but formerly used homes from the smaller places aren’t exactly going to transplant themselves into areas where they would be more needed. So, unless jobs etc. are at least partly going back to the smaller towns (to curb urbanization and “spread the load” more evenly across the country), retrofitting existing (office/industrial/retail) buildings and constructing new ones will be the only workable solution. Obviously in conjunction with good social policies. BTW, the building of “social” housing for (lower) middle classes is sometimes done because actual social housing is something they are obviously to rich for. Yet they cannot afford private (either bought or rented) housing and obviously the demand would drive those prices up. So while an imperfect solution, I can see why some regions/cities have chosen to expand the “social” part of social housing (as long as they don’t replace actual social housing with it). Especially if at least some of the demand for housing in larger (>200.000) cities is coming from people with a middle income. Not everybody who has difficulties keeping a roof over their head is destitute.

How would it work without police? If we didn’t have a police, we could just find justice without obstacles.

Even when nobody (organised enough to do so) is going to stop thieves, rapists and murderers?

Without an armed militia of psychopaths to enforce injustice, private property would be a pipe dream.

Sorry for asking an ignorant question, but do you mean “property” as in buildings or property in a more literal, broader sense?

We would only have to defend ourselves against owners, and we’re up to that. The issue we face today is if we defend ourselves against an owner attacking us, they will claim we attacked them and we will be condemned by the class justice to prison sentences or fines, despite being the victims (just like victims of police abuse are condemned for “violence” and “insults” against the cops despite being the only ones suffering physical injuries). The police having a monopoly on “legitimate” violence is the reason why the elites and their police get to decide the fate of everyone without suffering any kind of consequences.

I still believe that with good rewrites of the laws and good social policy, many of such issues can be mitigated. I mean, at least half the demonstrations/riots in Europe are organised because of the lack of the former. I think “we” have to start somewhere, but how to reduce police violence further I do not know.

The police are the armed psychopaths making sure homeless people stay homeless when there’s millions of empty apartments

Where is that the case? Here in the Netherlands there is an actual shortage of living accommodation. The shortage is even more severe in places like Hong Kong (look up cage and coffin homes, please). Abolishing police won’t do jack sh*t to fix that issue, but building more homes where they are most severely needed will. Yes, I get that police officers are often thinking they are better than other people (esp. in nations like the USA or Nigeria) but that does not mean that your comment was keeping it real.

In case of that French activist, it was not for the political position made (on ecology) but because of having squatted in private property (as far as I remember reading). So there is some need for nuance here.

Does this Wikipedia article provide a starting point? I do realise there are a lot of links to pages on terminology you do not know (yet), but I would not know a better way to start than that WP article does.

“Shopping for an SBC? Is their logo on the “Project Friends” section of our page? Choose someone else and tell them why” That part does make little sense to me. Would they not prefer that people stick with partnering HW vendors?

As wrote in OP, they are not feeling all that welcome there. As a solution, I will try to post it there.

Hold up. Is OP posting this link to laugh at it or cheer at it?

However, there is no proof of whether Moxie actually read Dessalines essay. Not meaning to disrespect, but I would not be able to tell how “large” Lemmy devs are outside Lemmy. So let us not jump to conclusions (on whether Moxie referred them) yet.