Are you in a noisy environment? Need to filter out all the nuisances? NoiseTorch for Linux seems like a really great open source tool you need to check out.
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If you want noise canceling I would highly recommend PulseEffects (which uses PipeWire).

  • Doesn’t require sudo password.
  • Has a nice UI instead of the really awkward one that NoiseTorch has.
  • Supports auto-start.
  • Automatically stops the processing if no apps are recording.
  • Has other effects for both input and output if you want them.

I used to use NoiseTorch but as soon as PulseEffects added support for RNNoise (the same library that NoiseTorch uses) I made the switch and couldn’t be happier!

The PulseEffects dev is also very friendly and responsive and is working on porting it to GTK4.
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PulseEffects is an interesting project but I think each has their own use and audience. For NoiseTorch, it does one thing and does it well, rather than overload people with options.
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For sure, to each their own. I’m glad that we have multiple options available.

I agree that there is more UI for PulseEffects (even if I think it is nicer) and it can take a second to take it all in. (And I wish there was an obvious way to shut it off.)

All about open source! Feel free to ask questions, and share news, and interesting stuff!

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