With the recent developments in the Dragon Ball Super manga and how good it’s getting, I was disappointed with Lemmy’s lack of a Dragon Ball community, so I went ahead and made one! Enjoy (:

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Oh heck yeah!

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Cool! Just remember it’s !dragonball@lemmy.ml not c/dragonball Lemmy’s community linking syntax is different ;)

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Ahh yeah, of course. I’m aware, so idk why I slipped up for this. Thanks for pointing it out.

About the most staunch Dragon Ball fan you could meet on the internet. Currently been a 4 year old Dokkan player, watched DBS Broly with KenXyro in theatres and all that.

I summon Shenlong to make this community immortal.

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Oh fuck. Surprised to meet a fellow Dokkaner. I’ve been playing for like 4 years as well. How about a community for Dokkan as well

I really do not think there will be many players here. Most of them are young kids on reddit, for example, and the help resources are mostly defined, Wiki, YouTubers, reddit comment sections and so on.

The subreddit moderators are now APTard cultists and moderators there have been largely hopeless for the past 3 or so years, since Kaminoseigi came in and the TLM fiasco before. Me and my Middle East friends back then decided to make a Discord for MEA and Asia Dokkaners, we have our own tiny GC since then and we are happy one of us got banned from the sub for it.

Crossing 1500 days in 2 weeks, have F2P account and not linked to Google or Facebook or Apple yet still standing with a Transfer Code and 79% blue fusions.

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