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I don’t see the benefits. What is better in FreeBSD’s userland? What exactly is LLVM?

Uhhh… why? Stuff like find, ls and cat aren’t supposed to be feature rich you know.

I wouldn’t call Mental Outlaw a privacy channel, The Hated One is more on the political side. Techlore is great. Wolfgang is also great but it’s more of a Linux channel. I don’t know about the other two.

This comment deserves all the upvotes in the world. As for me I’m betting on Elementary!

Her account no longer seems to exist… that’s probably what you already meant. I don’t know :/

Cool! Just remember it’s !dragonball@lemmy.ml not c/dragonball Lemmy’s community linking syntax is different ;)

Thank you for your work sir. Deepl seems to translate Chinese well, it could be used to provide the guide in other languages.

I love suckless programs. They are very customizable and blazing fast.

Zorin OS was my introduction to Linux so I have a soft spot for it, but at the and it’s just another Ubuntu respin. There is no reason to recommend it over Ubuntu.

Ultima 8

The platforming, OH GOD the platforming! Only good thing about Ultima 8 is spoony’s review, it’s wonderful :)

I remember playing ultima 9

Oof, I can imagine the disappointment

On Android there is a program on F-Droid called UntrackMe.

All browsers I know of that don’t have extensions support userscripts, even surf. Only exceptions I can think of are Netsurf and Dillo, bit these have difficulties rendering static pages I doubt tracking is a huge concern.

Userscripts can do the same thing. On greasyfork there is one called Y2Invidio.

What happened to libredd.it?
Update: Nevermind now it works. I guess I posted too early. So I'm minding my own business, stealing from Reddit to feed my sublemmy and I'm confronted with this image. What happened? Did I post too much or what? ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/7UdZw5RS2O.jpg)

Bringing content from outside
I love lemmy, however because it is young it doesn't have a lot of users. This leads to many communities becoming dormant. I want to talk about stuff besides linux and privacy, so I say we should bring some content from outside (Reddit). I will to post stuff to [!pixelart@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/c/pixelart) and [!catsareliquid@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/c/catsareliquid) and am thinking about making communities about Amphibia and Infinity Train. I encourge you guys to do the same.

Was Arch used to be harder?
tl;dr Title It's common knowledge at this point that Arch has a reputation for being very difficult to use which led to it becoming a meme ( like everything else on the internet). Even tho Arch users swear that it is actually trivial to install and use for someone who is willing to read documentation, it is also known that distributions with significantly higher requirements on overall *nix knowledge like Gentoo, Oasis, KISS and Crux (?) exist. So my question is this: was Arch used to be harder to install and use? Because I heard bad things about Debian's installation process too, even tho it is incredibly easy now. I also hear Ubuntu being bad for user privacy, even tho that whole Amazon thing happened years ago under a completely different management. Things move fast in Linux family's world, was Arch a very different system back in 2006?

Encryption on EU seems to be under threat... again.
Apperantly they approved a resolution that undermines encrypted communication. https://data.consilium.europa.eu/doc/document/ST-13084-2020-REV-1/en/pdf (link doesn't work for me, please tell me if it works for you) Here is a petition to decline the new resolution: https://www.europarl.europa.eu/petitions/en/petition/content/1222%252F2020/html/Keep+Encryption I thought you may want to know.

Don't recommend Lemmy to Reddit users.
Reddit users don't care about the benefits Lemmy brings, they are fixated on the political views of the devs. If you didn't do it yet, *don't.* For Stallman's sake don't.

Linux podcasts without ads?
I looked at some Linux podcasts before, however as good as they were they were also interrupted by shitty ad segments about products I don't want to hear about one bit. If I'm remembering correctly Late Night Linux had 3 ad segments in a 30 (?) minute episode! Are there any alternatives without ad segments?

What is Utopia?
There is a site called utopia.fans that makes articles about digital security and privacy and one of the products they recommend quite often in their articles is Utopia, hence the name. What is this Utopia? Did you guys use it? Is it trustworthy?

Um... why is there a Reddit community here?
I personally don't see the point, we are on Lemmy. There is no reason for us to care about what is going on, on Reddit.