Point being is that SSL uses RSA to transfer systematic key over to. But RSA uses prime number. There is a hypothesis which I forget the name of. But what viable solution would you give?

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I think you might be referring to Shor’s algorithm, which allows quantum computers (not yet, although maybe in one or two decades) to factor numbers in polynomial time, and thus break RSA no matter how large your keys are, but even elliptic curves IIRC. Anyway, there exists a whole field of research for this, called Post Quantum Cryptography. NIST is in the process of standardizing this, but you probably probably won’t find a mature implementation for e.g. TLS or PGP just yet. Fun fact though: you can get openssh to use sntrup4591761x25519-sha512@tinyssh.org as key-exchange, which should be quantum-resistant (run ssh -Q KexAlgorithms to see if’s there).

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You can also do encryption with elliptic-curve-based algorithms: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elliptic-curve_cryptography

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cheers for the response man

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I know that openssh and gnupg already support this because I recently made new keys using such an algorithm.

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I only generate elliptic keys for two years :grinning face with sweat: (generated with ssh-keygen -t ed25519)

Public keys are way shorter, too.

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