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In a democracy, governmental authority derives from consent of the governed. If it is not functionally possible for a populace to withdraw its consent from its government, then its “consent” is meaningless.

I partially agree with you, if a nation-wide government have the control of the military and/or the police forces, there can be no democracy, and I don’t consider that a democratic system currently exist.

Therefore, democracy requires that the populace be capable of overthrowing its government. In a country where the government owns guns, private gun ownership is necessary for effective self-rule.

However, I strongly disagree with the need for private gun ownership, I would rather say that there should be no nations (and therefore no national military and police), but rather local/regional police and military forces, democraticly administrated by the population of those small geographic areas. I think there should also be a larger political union between those small regions (continental/world) union, with one institution to organize collaboration between military/police force.

P.S. : I do not know very much the history of the US but I thought the second amendment was more about the possibility for citizens to create local militias than private gun ownership, which is only a tool to allow their creation

I’m torn on the Bandcamp inclusion, I like buying music there and they limit how many times you can listen to a release before buying; hopefully this doesn’t incentivise a drop in purchases but rather an increase in mindshare/availability.

I agree, I also like buying music there and like the fact that bandcamp provide a full preview feature.

I just tried the newpipe bandcamp inclusion and I couldn’t find a “buy” button that would redirect to the bandcamp buying page, only a download button. Therefore, I don’t think it will really encourage to buy music on bandcamp 😐

I would prefer the music to be (legally) made available for everyone without DRMs and have a new funding model for the art industry, of course. But for now the best available system is platforms with no DRM like bandcamp and I have mixed feelings about adding the bandcamp feature without providing a button to buy the music you listen.

I agree. I would rather have liked a plugin system. It would have allowed to provide this feature and keeping a core that do one thing and do it good. I think it would be really hard to design, though.

I fear that the core application may become too hard to maintain, and hope not.

I still don’t get why authenticity is important in art. In my opinion, copying art is something great to share knowledge and culture.

In my country (france), such a service is currently deployed by the public healthcare organization. After the digitization of public administrative services by every state (which is mandatory in the european union), the EU will surely make it mandatory to have interoperability between the different health systems.

What is nice with this approach is that each state keeps control over their citizen’s data, but the mandatory interoperability (for administrative documents, and hopefully healthcare later) will make it easy for every citizen to move from one country to another.

It will be federated rather than decentralized, though, and I think that it should become way more decentralized so that every citizen really have a control over their data. I don’t think we can trust governments of nations. I agree that a reliable decentralized database approach doesn’t exist yet.

For the issue of “records that is not meant to be seen” I don’t think that it should exist. I think everybody have the right to be informed about their health¹. You can forbid modifications of the medical record by using merkle trees and signature, but I don’t see any reason to hide this information from the patient. For the example, if the person is told that they have the same comportment as an addict, don’t you think they will be more inclined to seek for help if they really have an addiction issue ? (provided this help is free and accessible, of course)

¹ if the person is recognized as responsible of themself

Couldn’t medical records be normalized (standardization of data structures), but the data hold by citizens or local administrative governments (and later in a decentralized storage system¹ ? (with e2e encryption and access control by the holder or some emergency mechanism)

This way, you wouldn’t have a single organization storing all the medical data (and thus having a lot of power), but every medical practitioner or organization could access medical records the same way and common software could be developed

¹disclaimer: not blockchain, I think blockchain is irrelevant for most applications

This is for the funding, but the healthcare system (and tools) can (and in my opinion should) be decentralized.

Even the funding could be partially decentralized (and when there will be a worldwide wealth redistribution system, it should be decentralized, in my opinion) We can imagine a system with an universal income for every human ( for it’s everyday life, and funding for medical devices and drugs asked by hospitals and practitioners to their local healthcare organization, which is forwarded to a committee of the united world healthcare funding system if there is a lack somewhere.

i’m disapointed. I though that it would be about caldav servers and there is only nextcloud, that I want to replave, which is cited

Completely agree. Advertisement shouldn’t exist. I think that most of the time we can consider commercial advertisement as disinformation and don’t understand why some people praise something that wastes your time and try to mislead you.

Yes it works, thank you. According to the article and wikipedia, seems that cliqz is open source. Seems promising, even if I don’t like the company behind brave so much. I hope it will not be centralized, though. I’m not sure someone could compete with google by trying to index all the web itself :thinking face:

edit: it appears that cliqz wanted to rely on advertisement, I hope it will not be the case.

For an unknown reason I can’t click on the link. Will it be open source and have good documentation for self-hosting ?

I think that each software should do one thing (and provide interopérability). I don’t think that copying solutions of big companies are a good solution as they have the people to maintain huge monolith that do a lot of things but I don’t think community maintained projects can maintain such softwares, nor do I think it’s a good way to welcome new developers.

I would rather like a simple link to matrix username in the bio or an integration with an existing solution with a unique identity.

Therefore I hope it won’t happen because it would complexify the protocol when e2ee private chats already exist.

I don’t understand why we should revive smtp Yes, everybody have an email, but it’s not designed for instant messaging.

I only generate elliptic keys for two years :grinning face with sweat: (generated with ssh-keygen -t ed25519)

Public keys are way shorter, too.

I love the concept of 8vim but i miss accentuated characters and a practice game so i use anysoft keyboard for now

I think the fact that it isn’t open source is enough to try to avoid it.

Does anyone know a “good enough” open source alternative to duckduckgo ? I know there is yacy but the last time I tried it was disappointing. But maybe I don’t know how to use it :grinning face with sweat: