Is Google Analytics still useful and how accurate are its stats? How much data is missing from Google Analytics due to adblockers and privacy-friendly browsers?

The level of Google Analytics blockage varies by industry, audience, the device used and the individual website. In a previous study, I’ve found that less than 10% of visitors block Google Analytics on foodie and lifestyle sites but more than 25% block it on tech-focused sites.

But how about a very tech-heavy website with a tech-savvy audience of hackers, developers and the like? How many visitors do sites that use Google Analytics miss out on from referral sources such as Hacker News or Reddit?

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I self-host open source Matomo instead and it provides all the basic stats I need locally for my sites.
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block it in your hosts file

Dreeg Ocedam
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The caveat is that this comes from a post about Linux, which gained traction on r/linux and HackerNews so it’s clearly not representative of the majority of the population. I’m always amazed at how few people use ad blockers and how crappy the web experience is without one.

Here’s a link to a collection of privacy/security focused search engines & extensions:

But how do they block google analytics?

Dreeg Ocedam
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Advanced tracking protection in FF blocks it.

Similarly uBlock and many other privacy extensions block it on all browsers. I’m not sure but I guess Brave blocks it also by default.

You can give a try. If you are able to set up a raspberry Pi and follow instruction of the documentation 🙂

Sr Estegosaurio
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It’s incredibly easy to set up. I will set up one when I have the money
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Good question but the article doesn’t really answer that other than tech-heavy audiences use adblockers and privacy-friendly browsers.

Finaly some good fu**ing news

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