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It seems that you can install it fram the browser as an progressive web app,if that helps.

It is really cool. And needed.


I am wondering if friendica needs a gui update, since it has groups since ages. But I do prefer pixelfed over friendica.

You mean the consumption of abuse, traumatizing und violence?

If you selfhost, the talk "An overview of legal obligations and pitfalls when operating a Fediverse instance" could be interesting for you!

Actually, I don’t care 😅 But as long as data driven business models work, it won’t become mainstream.

I set up a mail server for a project. And just had to write with t-online. And I think I got on their blocklist because I did a mistake in configuring the dns records accordingly. All the rest worked fine following a good guide.

When I have a personal homepage I will do a mail server, too.

The keyword “Eisenbahn” (railway) leads to “Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf” as the 3rd result …

Are you familiar with a linux terminal? Than it is quite easy if you follownthe install instructions.

You can give https://pi-hole.net/ a try. If you are able to set up a raspberry Pi and follow instruction of the documentation 🙂

I use it regularly. There are some problem with key exchange in group chats. Sometimes users have to write messages to each other via direct message then everything usually works: so if users in group chats do not know each others, that can cause problems:

Concerning clients: Android: conversations Windows/Linux: Gajim Debian and other Linux distros: Dino

Concerning apple I do not know.

There is the promising snikket.org project who have a “product” approach, i.e. they are developing clients with the same look and feel for every client. But unfortunately, they are not there yet. But as far as I know they have funding.

XMPP is easier to selfhost than matrix. And it can run on a Raspi. You can install a xmpp server with e.g. yunohost, to make thinks simpler.

They explain it in the next sentence:

They won’t know that they can post publicly to their followers without their posts showing to everyone using the unlisted visibility.

Why a lemmy fork an not a forum? Aren’t forums designed for debates?

Hm. I was not able to do so. Did you try? Maybe I just do not know how to configure the channel source. 🤷

The practice looks different. At least I was not able to figure out in a reasonably short amount of time how to post as a mastodon user in the forum channel. Apart from replying.

Can those groups reached via activity pub? So from actors not belonging to the corresponding instance?

broken container after full disk
Dear Lemmy community, developers, maintainer, due to my own incompetence I fucked up my server just a little bit. I had full disk space. How can I fix the following error? The pictrs containers keeps restarting and throws the following error: Error: Error in DB, Read corrupted data at file offset None backtrace () Caused by: Read corrupted data at file offset None backtrace () May 11 16:29:56.718 WARN sled::pagecache::snapshot: empty/corrupt snapshot file found May 11 16:29:56.718 INFO pict_rs::migrate: Migrating database from 0.32.0-rc1 to 0.34.0 May 11 16:29:56.739 WARN sled::pagecache::snapshot: empty/corrupt snapshot file found