As the title say, a bug which has been confirmed to be around for 7 years leaks the google account password as well as the 2FA code -if enabled-.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Open MicroG Settings
  • Add a Google account
  • Login with your Google account
  • Check logcat with adb logcat | grep GmsAuthLoginBrowser

Therefore, through logcat is possible to see the password, which is a gigantic security hole. This happens even without root.

Is also important to underline that microG per se has security problems.

For more information about the bug, see here.
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I haven’t used logcat so excuse my ignorance, but from what I read it’s a log dumper.

What log file is the login info originally stored in?

Is it plaintext in the log file itself, or is it only plaintext after bring filtered through logcat?
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Thanks for sharing

Helix 🧬
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Is it really a bug or a feature? I can imagine a three letter agency providing services and tools to privacy minded people to get their data.

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Don’t you need access via adb and have debugging options enabled to even see the logcat?

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