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Entertainment. Just like movies tell you a story and you can put in a sentence the plot of the movie.

By that logic, Why even make a video if you can write it in a sentence.

I skimmed through the article and I’m surprised the author at no point mentions the “drama” or the discussion the founder of privacytoolsio had with the mantainers of the website when they decided to move to privacyguides. To me it lost reputation after that.

Why not use a more “generic” extension, a redirector. You can redirect anything to anywhere.

How about https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/redirector/

I haven’t vetted it, but looks good

Telemetry unless you compile the compiler yourself… Carbonium

So “hodl” of buying one until prices really drop? :p

Servers. There’s going to be more people, more people that have access to technology and internet and a lot of services are online.

Not only that, but look at how big data centers, how much cooling they need (They need a LOT of water), it could make it more efficient.

But to be fair this article writes very little about something that is just a proof of concept.

Why do you need this when you can use simple wired headphones?

Clearly because of wires and just about why wireless options exist about anything… It’s not like wireless headphones are something new, there is clearly people buying them and cheaper options have appeared than when they first came out.

I’ve been using Manjaro for a while now and haven’t had problems. 🤔

I’ve seen it happen to me too. It’s an image, but I’m not sure if its a bug or what.

I like to use Jellyfin. It has a nice UI and easy to access platform over a local network, though looks to me like stremio and their torrent plugins geared towards to people who want to pirate shows and movies like popcorn time.

It’s not open source afaik. I couldn’t find a link to a git repository on their website, had to go on twitter to find a tweet where they had a link. Apparently they open source some of their tools only. https://resonate.github.io/

PS. Just want to point out the acc joined 3h ago and this is their first post, 1h ago.

The film is available on-demand here: https://vimeo.com/laventanacine/vod_pages

It was recently televised on TVN (Television Nacional de Chile) and someone uploaded it here if you don’t feel like paying: https://ok.ru/video/888949770999 (Spanish, no subtitles)

Doesn’t autopilot requires de driver to pay attention and have hands at the wheel at all times? I’d guess they could be held liable if they could prove the driver tried to correct the car but faulty software didn’t allow him/her to take control back.🤷

That’s a poorly designed website. Also MM-DD-YYYY? smh

Where’s Rocky Linux and Alma linux?🤔