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be proud of it. When i order a meal in a restaurant i tell the waiter i use arch linux. When im done and he’s trying to count the handful of coins i’ve given him i tell him that the bank uses proprietary software and i do this out of respect for mine and his freedom and privacy

lol you have to press the “Generate Lorem Ipsum” button to get actual lorem ipsum on https://www.lipsum.com/, you pasted the definition of Lorem Ipsum.

GNU Jami is also fine. Especially with low powered computers. One of my friends couldn’t open vscode and discord at the same time so we switched to GNU Jami with no problems. Audio quality a bit lower (they can’t use OPUS codecs) but otherwise very nice.

[Artist] All new albums by Sewerslvt are libre
* [The World Is Fvcked](https://sewerslvt.com/album/the-world-is-fvcked) * [Draining Love Story](https://sewerslvt.com/album/draining-love-story) They make some of the best breakbeat available.

Ok sorry I forgot less searches are case sensitive and didn’t try “Archive”, only “archive”. I have 4.0 on arch linux

Thanks for the recommendation. Nnn is very fast and I like the text file buffer of selected files that you can edit in vim but I can’t figure out how to create a new archive. It’s not on the github page and I couldn’t find it in the help menu you get when you press “?”

Is there a file manager like that?
Is there a terminal file manager that has good support for archives? The features I'd like are: * being able to enter archives like directories * shortcut to archive all selected files