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I’m not saying they don’t.

If I killed a man, would that make someone else killing a man any more or less okay?

If they need to resort to censorship to keep their ideas popular, maybe they aren’t that great after all

Causing a lot of fucking drama would be my best bet.

Well, I wouldn’t want my code autocomplete to learn from MS’s code…

Or at least use some better host, like Github/Gitlab Pages

I’m proud to say that I’ve watched exactly 0 videos from the person whose name you didn’t manage to spell.

Will you one day actually get back at me, or will you just keep throwing (baseless) personal attacks at me?

Now, there seems to be a misunderstanding about how it’s related to the CCP/CPC, so I’ll copy-paste a comment by @k_o_t@lemmy.ml. It’s worded better than mine:

i get you, those comments might have been just very poorly articulated “there is no way this cpu is going to make it to production in it’s current open source form without any backdoors by the communist party, which is notorious for it’s desire for surveillance and total control”, but it seems unlikely…

Although I will admit my wording was rather poor.

I provided sources to back up my claim that these comments don’t fit the definition of racism. It’s your turn now to back up your claims. And with actual sources, not opinion pieces or other Lemmy posts.

Maybe it’s unlikely, but let’s be fair and presume innocence.

You also managed to sum up my own views, although I would replace the “no way” with “there’s a healthy chance”

I’m not tryna be clever. I’m just pointing out the fact that the English language doesn’t agree with you.

I’m not deciding what is racist. I’m just using the definitions.

Definition of racism

1 : a belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race


policies, behaviours, rules, etc. that result in a continued unfair advantage to some people and unfair or harmful treatment of others based on race

harmful or unfair things that people say, do, or think based on the belief that their own race makes them more intelligent, good, moral, etc. than people of other races


Neither of those definitions would classify this as racism.

Also, you don’t get to just claim that anything is racism. Don’t expect people to not tell you to fuck off if you say stupid things.

If you’ve read my comments, you can see that I didn’t say even mention whether or not they were right in my personal opinion.

The only thing I said is that it is unlikely that they think this way because they are racist.

That’s all I said.

I’m not even American nor do I read any American newspapers or watch any American news television.

I just dislike China’s policies.

Again, misguided, possibly, but fearing the state (which may do some things through the people), not racistly (is this a word?) assuming anything made by a Chinese person, is bad.

If they were racist, they would also dislike the stuff made by Chinese people in, for example, the US, and I can say with confidence that most likely that is not the case.


None of this was racist. It was a political dislike of the CCP, and the Chinese legal and political system, and not the Chinese people.

You’re trying to get back at me with a misrepresentation of my comment, congrats!

Look at his older videos. He is a political-turned-privacy channel, really.

Yeah, true.

What I mean is, that even then, it’s asynchronous: I can reply to the not-latest mail from you without it feeling awkward, like it would in a chat app

It depends on who you consider above. The state? Yes, your state’s laws apply.

Other than that, you have the ISPs and, if you run Lemmy on a VPS, the VPS provider.

I like and still use email because it’s an asynchronous system that is hard to find these days.

That is, it’s not ordered into conversations like with chat apps, but into simple, individual mail.

Yeah… especially since GNU or the FSF isn’t some small 1-person hobby project, but basically one of the biggest free software projects in the world. They have their own code hosting service, why not a simple IRC server?

I guess it’s capitalism in action though, such a beautiful system! those who make everything transparent, make software open source, respect user freedom, put it out there for free will struggle and don’t get rewarded, while some motherfucker companies who close source their software, fill it with spyware, design it to be addictive so they can show more ads, get to have all the money. totally fair!

That’s why I recommend the (A)GPL. Especially with AGPL, they always have to give users the source.

My friends mention anything interesting, and then I look it up.

I stopped looking at news myself.

I’ve read on the wiki about something called ardour or something, that’s all I know of

Here, but it definitely has a steeper learning curve compared to Audacity

I think it was BitKeeper, not BitBucket

I don’t know, but this fossil thing looks interesting, I might try it sometime

What is your biggest complaint about Lemmy?
For me, it's the lack of diversity in opinions. IDK about you but I've only seen people from here and lemmygrad.ml, and nearly everyone is pretty far left. I'm not having a big problem with it, but the site is very, umm, single-minded. And this mind is particularly hostile to my ideas