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I dislike how it’s run by glowies who use the platform to astroturf.

Did you mean to post an image?

I think part of the motivation for making them visible was to make users know the language select feature existed at all.

I hate that I still have to use winblows at work. Hell, my employer even hosts servers on winblows and the backend code is all .NET.

I wonder if any spies got drawn into protracted shitflinging like the civilian Twitter?

I can’t see your point. The point of fedi is to not be locked to a single implementation. If one software is proprietary and does not allow you to host your own, you can just use another you like.

That’s basically what I’m getting at. Part of the point of the fediverse is being able to choose both the software you use and the instances you use. I presume that the fediverse compatible instagram app will only be hosted by Meta. If someone is interested in getting into the fediverse for the freedom and choice, why would they use the new instagram as opposed to another fedi software with a similar feature set, such as Pixelfed like you pointed out?

It takes stunning amounts of historical illiteracy for people to believe that capitalism is a beneficial system for humanity.

This is made even worse when one of the go-to arguments against communists is that we don’t know history, because if we did we’d know about the 100 gorillion vuvuzela no food etc. and hate it.

Can people create their own instances of this app? Even if it can interoperate with other fediverse software, if this ends up being yet another big tech platform where your only choice is to use the one hosted by Meta it defeats the point.

You seem to have missed the part of the comment you’re responding to where they said:

…no one cares about all the other apps that we know for sure spy on you and give info to US government (and others).

No one is saying that TikTok isn’t collecting a shit ton of data on its users. They’re pointing out that this has been an ongoing problem with tech that burgers have been using for a long time, but that the burger regime didn’t so much as make a peep until it was a Chinese tech company doing the same thing. You don’t need to be a communist to see the double standards at play here.

I don’t disagree with the author, but I found it odd that they didn’t bring up CSS. You’re not going to get something with character like the dolphin man site or Space Jam site just using unstyled HTML.

I think the main problem is that screens tend to be rectangular than oblong.

I’ve dabbled in leptos before. It seems good and has been gettingba lotb of development. I’ll need to get a better handle on Rust, but that’s about it.

A blogging software could be interesting. Maybe something like a self-hostable substack. Bloggers could be instance admins (although I guess moderators could be added as contributors or co-admins if the blog is collaborative). Users could use Lemmy’s RSS feature to subscribe without needing email. The only rub I see is what to do with communities. I’m not sure how to translate that to a blog in a way that makes sense.

Ideas for an alternative lemmy frontend?
cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/647564 Cross posting this here as this is would likely interest other people in the Lemmy part of the fediverse. I'll still contribute to the official UI too, though. > The other day I started making a UI for lemmy with a different framework than is used by the official one as a way of getting some hands on experience with SolidJS. I considered making a clone of the existing UI, but I started thinking that I could make it look different. Since lemmy doesn't tie you to a specific UI, it could be nice to give instances another option. At the moment, the only web UIs I know of for lemmy is the official one and the bulletin board one. Does anyone have any ideas about this?

Cooked meat slurry is a delicacy where I live. It’s called scrapple.

That sounds like it would be fresher and tastier than the meat you’d get in the store. White people are weird.

Now now, we can’t have them getting addicted to shelter too /j

Something I’ve not noticed while using the fediverse that isn’t touched on in the article is the role of what I’ll call “middle ground” instances and communities. You might be on instance A and visit a community on instance B. Someone from instance C is also visiting the community on instance B. If no one from instance A searched for any communities on instance C, and likewise for the reverse, users on the 2 instances might not see each other anymore even if the instances are federated.

I use lemmy from lemmygrad and see accounts from instances that I might not think to search for had I not already come across them.

This is the kind of thing I need in my life.

So basically a block, but temporary? Not currently.

…I would like to see a UI reworking…

One of the nice things about Lemmy is that instances don’t have to use the “official” UI. If one has the time, skill, and inclination, they can make a different frontend to use when users visit the site in a web browser. For example, there is LemmyBB which was made by one of the maintainers.

If you have any specific problems or ideas for improvement for the default UI, you can submit an issue.

I just asked the maintainer of pict-rs. They said that gifs get converted into mp4s because mp4s take up less space, but that support for gifs might be introduced to support an upcoming custom emoji feature.

Image boards could be added to the fediverse. Whether they should be is another question.

Wouldn’t the API changes for reddit cause some of the privacy frontends it links to (like libreddit and teddit) to no longer work though?

@Elara@lemmygrad.ml this may have implications for the TankieReplyBot.

What’s up with this comment? It’s not deleted or removed, but it has no content.

If most of the usable software is proprietary and the free software movement is ineffective, perhaps the answer is to liberate proprietary codebases by force.

Thanks for the edit. Part of the reason I’m spamming that bot so much is to see how it handles different images, and partly so people know that it exists if they ever want a quick and dirty OCR scan of images in a post or comment.

When you searched for that community, what was your query? Was it the full url (i.e. https://lemmygrad.ml/c/biology@mander.xyz), or was it !<community name>@<instance domain>?

How do you do a search for a not yet federated community through the lemmy ui anyway? For instance, if I try to get this quantum computing community from lemmygrad, every time I try to search for it I can’t find it. This is the query I’m using

I made this one myself. I hope people like it.

How do I see posts/communities from non-lemmy instances?
I've seen users from mastodon and friendica comment on lemmy posts, but I've never seen posts from instances running non lemmy software show up in my feed. Is this a consequence of different software handling federation differently?

How do I create a lemmy bot account
I was thinking of making a parenti bot and noticed that lemmy's settings allow you to mark an account as a bot. Doing a search for "bot" in the server side code shows options for showing/hiding content posted by bots when viewing communities, but I didn't see anything for actually having an account run a script. I'm sure people viewing this from lemmygrad may recall Comarade Rose, who was likely a bot, regularly posting content from communist subreddits; I'm sure making a bot is possible.