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For the people that hate twitter so much, they just can’t stop talking about it. can they?

The engagement views were already visible in twitter analytics.

Shows they’re more of attention removed more than anything.

Tesla fanboys are fucking cringe. Over at r/teslamotors they’re laughing at people on other side for being gullible and dumb while not even questioning Tesla to use independent investigators to perform a proper test to put an end to this circlejerk.

How did we get this dumb, bootlicking for billionaires?

There are these services still around.


You’ll notice most numbers aren’t from US. The ability to detect VoIP numbers only applies to NA.

What? It’s easier for spammers/scammers to enumerate phone numbers (because they follow a specific pattern) than usernames or random IDs.

Someone sent me tuber.ml links and I find it way more remember-able. There’s also il.ax.

And it doesn’t need an account.

You’re right on point. Don’t watch YouTube. Problem Solved