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“Whatsapp” in latin means “stealing of data”, that’s why it isn’t that table

Probably because the Organization has been around since we’ve joined internet.

Forget it, i’ve take a look at all dictionaries as possible on web and all them classify “cis” as an adjective. I am sorry for my mistake, also for my last offensive comment.

I know “Cis” was commonly used in chemistry, especially Geometric Organic Chemistry Models, i’ve studied those things. What i mean is that binding it to “men” and then creating a “cis men” (Which refers to a man who attributes gender to sex at born, as you said) word isn’t even on dictionaries, also “cis” doesn’t fit as an adjective, so you can’t use it to describe something, in this case, a man. Cisgender is correct, but “cis men” isn’t even a concept. All my anger is about that author classifying “cis men”, i have nothing against “cisgender”, which can be attributed to any person, but saying specifically “cis men” is just unfair.

edit: Sorry, i have read my last comment again and realized it was quite offensive, i’m really sorry, that day i was quite angered.

First, as @ufra asked earlier, why is this in OpenSorce?

Second, when reading the last sentences from the first paragraph just took off all the minimum value this post had. Using terms like “Cis” or whatever these twitter dumbasses say just makes it’s author looks less respectful.

Third, why are people unable to understand that to be safer, isn’t needed to pay someone to walking around with you, just get better cops, police or security guards, come on! You may say “Ah! But police is a bunch of machist man, harassers and rapers because our country is managed by people who are like that”.


sorry, seeing people using those twitter terms just gets me really pissed off.

I have only used Collabora on Android, definitely i’ll take a look at it’s server. Thank you so much.

also i’m gonna try running KDE at my personal desktop (which is way better than my office’s) on a vm and see how it works, if it works well, probably that’s the way i’ll take on my office’s desktops.

Thanks for sharing your experience on low end hardware my dude, i really appreciated it, that will help me a lot, thank you.

i have already give a look at UnixPorn before, i was a little afraid trying something like those desktops, but you’re right, i’m gonna try some of them

My specs are a bit low low-end

-Intel Celeron G460 1.6Ghz -Intel 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics -2gb ram ddr3

edit: those specs are nearly for many of my desktops, some have a slightly different x86 or amd64 cpu, but many have an Intel Celeron, so i’m just gonna take the their majority for now.

I was a bit afraid of trying KDE for some comments i have read about it consuming a lot of ram as gnome, but i’ll try it and see how it works.

I’ll raise rent for anyone able to use Linux properly. This will give them some motivation lol

I’ve configured all printers each driver named according to it’s properties, changed UI to native language, xfce as desktop (this can’t be changed due to machines specs limitations), but all that isn’t enough to make them confortable when facing displays.

For example, they easily work on Microsoft Word, but when facing LibreOffice Writer they get estressed really fast, even after i’ve turned it’s UI most “user friendly”.

I wondering about to reformat all machines with a most Windows-like appearence distro, but this would take a lot of backups and time because i’m the only who knows how to format a PC at my store.

There’s some type of package which i would install to turn xfce most Windows-like? No way i could do it manually on each machine.

I’m really not feeling good about installing Windows at all.

Tips for managing store through GNU/Linux
So i'm currently managing a small store and running MX Linux as main OS on all desktops, because i want to spread Debian words in my city, but people are often regretting on using my desktops for my system. Any tips for making them less fearful on using Linux, i'm about half year running MX as my main OS, so my experience is not as a totally beginner, much less as a sysadmin. Any help would gratefully appreciated.