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You can still download it

newpipe or vanced

I have been seriously thinking of attempting to transplanting to Switzerland for this reason

I was trying to reply to the original comment not yours.

I’m curious whether you have read any of Orwell’s essays on Socialism and Marxism? He was critical of Marxists mainly in that he felt they were too academic and out of touch, but he agreed with their fundamental goals. He fought alongside Marxists in the Spanish Civil War. A place to start would be The Road to Wiggen Pier.

I don’t know what you are referring to. I think you might have read some anti-trotskyist propaganda.

Can you explain why you think this, and also explain how you reconcile that opinion with his decision to move to Spain in the 1930s to fight Franco?

I was wondering why Marxism was still a thing

Capitalism is still a thing, and continues to hurt people. Marx had insightful critiques of Capitalism.

this placed seemed to be filled with Marxists. So, why?

The site was built by communists

Do today’s Marxists think that USSR did something wrong?

Most do, but some are insane and will defend literally anything in the name of communism.

I would really have to try hard to find a community that would admire Hitler but apparently admiring Stalin, another mass murder seems to be perfectly fine!

Yes, it is abhorrent, but in reality there are plenty of people who admire Hitler too. You might just not be familiar with those communities.

To answer your question broadly, Marxism is mainly a critique of capitalism, and Marx wrote very little about the specifics of how its replacement should function. So I don’t think it is reasonable to blame the horrors of Stalin on Marxism. Marx was pro-democracy and pro-freedom, not pro-totalitarianism.

A more accurate term for what you are describing might be Marxism-Leninism, which was the ideology of the USSR. People abbreviate it to ML.

Are you calling Orwell a fascist figure? He risked his life fighting fascism.

Distributing the means of production is the only way to ensure distribution of power, which is the only way to enforce a democracy. The idea that the proletariat will control the means of production if they are held by the state fails because there is no insurance that the central authorities will use them in alignment with the desire of the proletariat. Anything that can be distributed to communities or individuals should be, so that collective decisions must necessarily be made by the masses.

When I was a kid someone told me you can take off a daddy long legs leg and it would still move so I tried it and it worked but then I felt really sad that it was missing a leg.

2/3 voting is tyranical. It results in minority rule when a 2/3 agreement can’t be reached.

I believe that conspirators push outlandish conspiracies to distract from real ones, and make level-headed people look down on conspiracy theorists. For example Alex Jones could be CIA.

I would support a democracy of idiots over a benevolent king. I support free speech of idiots over benevolent censors.

I know I’m in the minority, but I think this is a bad thing. Maybe it will have a benefit of preventing some people from finding misinformation, but overall it’s a dangerous trend that makes people at large less able to think for theirselves, as well as more ok with censorship.

I’ve read the manifesto and parts of Capital 1. Capital is interesting but the length and density is daunting. Do you have any recommendations for other texts to go to first, that are easier to get through?

I mean OP is literally suggesting leaving out books for people to find them. It’s pretty identical to christian tactics.

Someone was talking a little while ago about starting a fedivangelism community. I think that’s a good idea.

This is an efficacy study, not safety. It doesn’t even address vaccine skepticism.

Personally I am against all ethno-states. Removing an ethnic group from your state is always horrible.

Why can’t we just be against ethno-states? Even if we believe a Palestinian state would be as bad as or worse than Israel, Israel is the one with the power right now, and they are abusing it. They have no intention of making peace.

Tensions rise in middle east as one side wants all the land to be subject to a Jewish ethno-state, and the other side, who are not Jewish, don’t want their homes to be consumed by the ethno-state, and no one will compromise.

Like a torrent of torrents.

Yes my comment is not in context, It’s a general statement about what is preferable. I was just initially saying that it’s possible, even though it is disgusting and signifies a decline in childhood well-being, that a facebook for only children might be a net improvement in the world.

I don’t get how it avoids the background issue. You can be principally against killing any chickens and still recognize a situation where fewer chickens die as preferable.

If I own ten chickens and I kill and eat three, is that morally equivalent in your mind to owning ten chickens and killing and eating seven?

Nah, vegetarianism is an improvement from the perspective of animal rights. Fewer animals die. If you’re going to be puritan about it then veganism doesn’t help either because you still contribute to animal death by any number of activities, like driving a car and potentially running over a squirrel, or even all the animals that die from oil production. Or what about pest control on vegetable farms.

Yeah probably they shouldn’t be on social media. I’m just saying that it could be an improvement over the current situation. If children were constantly smoking cigarettes, giving them juuls would arguably be an improvement too.

It’s disturbing to think of a social network for kids, but a lot of kids are on current social networks, so maybe it could actually be a little bit of a safer place for them.

Just more people knowing about it. No one knows it exists.

Also, more normie subreddits. A lot of people join reddit for specific communities. The most active Lemmy communities are political or tech focused. Art communities like imaginarycityscapes or nosleep and fan communities for shows and movies draw in a lot of people. Lemmy’s userbase is made up largely of people who are able to comprehend what federation is, which is limited to people who understand what a server even is, which has an impact on the type of content.