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We would be very interested in a better method for limitation on this as well - some kind of age and size limits or automatic pruning would be wonderful.

Exercising judgement is a difficult act, but not one that is black or white. It shouldn’t be painted as something that is or isn’t, either. A slippery slope either existing or not is a false dichotomy trying to shoehorn a complicated situation into an on/off configuration.

Calling the application of social pressure to get cloudflare to stop enabling hate a slippery slope is ignoring that it’s arguably the first instance of something like this to happen, it took an enormous amount of effort for it to happen, while it was not happening the livelihoods of individuals were being harassed, harmed, and destroyed, and it involved a private enterprise making a decision for themselves and is not reflective of how others in the industry will respond.

Of important framing, did we call the workers rights movement a slippery slope? Racial justice? Feminism? I think the more contentious the public perception is of a movement, the more likely people are to call something enabling said movement a slippery slope. However, on the opposite side of things we usually recognize the reduction or removal of human rights or governmental representation universally as a slippery slope when the issue is no longer contentious or is broad enough to apply to all individuals (while nobles may have framed the rise of democracies as a slippery slope away from monarchistic and feudal governmental systems, I doubt the same was said by the majority of individuals who stood to benefit from this paradigm shift). Applying the wording of ‘slippery slope’ to make demons out of issues they simply disagree with seemingly only happens by conservative individuals to protect a worldview that suppresses others.

Back in 2014 a company I used to work for started plans on building a new office building. The new building was going to be open office, our current building was semi-open, in that it was cubicles but the cubicles actually blocked above the monitor. I got in touch with the committee working with the architect to better understand the request, what the architect was going to do, and to see how I could get involved. This idea of increased collaboration was really taking off in the 2000s after many large silicon valley tech companies had pushed their idea on others, but by the 2010s there was a growing amount of literature explaining just how open offices were problematic and ways to reduce these problems.

Ultimately the simplest and cheapest solution is to have higher cubicles - they block sound, allow people to not feel like they are being watched 24/7, provide enough of a barrier to prevent people from just idly chattering to each other, and for most people don’t encourage them to invest in a set of really nice noise cancelling headphones as a way to fight the noisy environment. I sent the papers, along with an executive summary as both an email and a powerpoint slide over to the architect. I presented all of this to my boss and once again to people higher up than me. Ultimately, they decided to ignore all the evidence and continue to chase their gut feeling that this will be ‘great’. I left that company before they finished their new building and landed at a new company which also had a much more open office space.

I’m glad I work remote now. These layouts suck, and the author does a great job of explaining exactly why that is very early on in the article. People aren’t stupid, and it doesn’t matter if you put them in a fucking empty box together - if they have need to collaborate, they will, and architecture is going to be one of their last concerns

…they decide, individually and collectively, when to interact. Even in open spaces with colleagues in close proximity, people who want to eschew interactions have an amazing capacity to do so. They avoid eye contact, discover an immediate need to use the bathroom or take a walk, or become so engrossed in their tasks that they are selectively deaf

I mean if you’re writing a blog to get found by SEO you’re doing it for capitalistic reasons and to think you’re above the same capitalistic demise of ‘journalistic integrity’ is just narcissism at that point.

Perhaps ironically this author could have made their point in a much shorter article. I have no issue paying attention to something long that I feel is of good quality. When it’s a seven minute read because you haven’t bothered to reduce the clutter, or because you make the same statement five times, I’m going to lose interest quickly because I’m not sure you have much to say, but rather you just like to hear yourself talk (or in this case, transcribe it).

Cats do this, not just in snow, because it reduces noise. Stepping on the same patch of grass you already flattened is quieter than flattening a new patch of grass.

We have nutritionists or dieticians here as well, but that’s only one portion of how to be healthy - the eating part. Frankly there aren’t enough of these individuals and for the vast majority of people I’d say they don’t need someone as specialized as these people are. In the US they are often best used helping people with dietary conditions such as Crohn’s disease manage how they eat or figure out when people have genetics that make certain foods extra problematic to them. Often times I would say the best approach is to talk about all the negative contributors in someone’s life and all the positive changes that could be made and to allow the person to explore what might work best for them. They need to figure out what they naturally take to and to have someone to discuss issues along the way.

Apologies, in the US a PA is a physician assistant, it’s a degree that takes as long as a medical degree but isn’t as rigorous. An NP is a nurse practitioner and an RN is a registered nurse. Becoming an NP also takes about as long as a PA and has a similar role to a PA, except they can practice on their own. In some states, PAs can practice on their own as well, so differences between the two vary from state to state. An RN is a registered nurse, and it requires a bit less schooling, about 2-3 years depending on the program.

Most countries have some kind of tiered system where there are clinically trained individuals who exist below the level of doctor, but can do a lot of family and general medicine quite easily - they can manage acute illness, the major chronic illnesses like asthma, diabetes, etc. These are the kinds of individuals who have the time to sit down and talk with a patient about how to come up with a plan that will work for them, without just giving vague high level information that the patient is likely already following or tried to follow to no success.

Can’t wait for usb-c 4 2.0 gen 2x2x2 thunderbolt certified cables 🙏

The real issue here is capitalism. General Practitioners don’t have enough time in their day to be coaching people on how to lose weight. In the US they only talk about it because they’re required to in order to get reimbursed for medicare patients. In other countries it is similarly a checkbox they need to check every so often with patients for other regulatory reasons. Most of the time all they are recommending is both dismissive and useless to their patients - eat less, exercise more… do you really think someone who’s overweight hasn’t already tried these? They don’t care because they typically aren’t actually invested in the patient losing weight, only in moving on to the next patient because they’re overbooked.

Insurance isn’t incentivized to help people lose weight either. They’re slowly heading that direction in countries with healthcare insurance, but most of them aren’t at the point where they realize the return on investment of helping their patients stay healthy because it’s really hard to forecast this ROI and you need to spend a lot of money to run tests to figure it out.

Realistically the best path forward is to utilize currently underutilized but medically qualified individuals such as PAs, NPs, and RNs to help coach overweight individuals or set up weight loss plans which target mass-education with individualized support (similar models to whose we utilize in therapy) as an interim while we train more people in dietary and fitness sciences. We also need to do a better job of qualifying what’s healthy vs. not, as people who regularly exercise have significantly lower mortality rates than their peers in the same weight category. In addition, the overweight category in BMI (25-29.9) has the lowest long term population mortality of any weight category and often studies like this fail to discriminate between intra-population differences of lifestyle and include overweight individuals instead of obese and up.

Not just heart health, but a ton of other health - mental health, immune system function, respiratory health, etc. Pretty much all health outcomes improve with regular exercise and it’s by far one of the healthiest things a human can do.

You’re absolutely right to say humans do a decent job at understanding the outcomes of our actions and because of such we should be conscious to reduce harm whenever possible.

Responsibility has to do with control or accountability. Ultimately humans are in control of their actions, so it follows that we are responsible for the outcomes of our actions. How seriously certain people treat this responsibility varies wildly and I would venture that many do not take their responsibility towards other living beings seriously. We also have responsibilities towards objects which are not living as well, and we all suffer from occasionally mistreating the objects which hold value in our lives.

Markdown gives you some control over size, but not by much. I like being able to play with font and sizing to get the look of sections just right. To be honest it’s not that much of a difference and I suspect some of my feelings are just because it’s the first time I’ve tried doing it this way. I think the biggest concern is the 10,000 character limit.

A bit less ability to format than I’m used to (although I suppose if you’re hosting the instance you can format it however you want, to an extent), but I agree it can work fairly well

So it’s just a post on our instance, but it was written like a blog article. https://beehaw.org/post/107014

Yep! Just pointing it out as I wrote some 12k characters yesterday and had to trim.

Lemmy has a 10k character limit per post, something to keep in mind.

I have no interest in being called a liberal as a slur or by being told who I support when you’ve made no attempt to learn anything about me. This is precisely the kind of behavior we do not tolerate on Beehaw - you have a bone to pick with a certain kind of individual and you’re taking it out on me without understanding the first thing about me. For the record, I think Biden is doing a terrible job and I’m an anarchist.

This isn’t tone policing in the slightest, but I do not have the time to explain or iterate on the nuances relevant here when you’re already painting us with broad strokes. Have a wonderful day.

it will turn into a space full of people seething about communists.

Building a community on being against something inevitably results in that community’s identity being hate for another thing.

To be clear, as an admin of beehaw, we are not explicitly against any ideologies. We do, however, have a clear guiding principle of being nice to each other. Spreading hate and degrading other users are not examples of nice behavior and are not allowed on our platform.

Painting us as ‘against communists’ just because we’ve blocked an instance which does nothing to prevent or discourage specific kinds of speech which are anything but nice, is unfair. We’re not narcissistic enough to believe we’re building the future of community on the internet but we do believe that we are doing something fundamentally different, by centering the kind of behavior we’d like to see and trying to deconstruct the idea of easily subverted rules (too much focus on the letter of law and not enough focus on the spirit of the law).