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Vivaldi’s adblocker lacks cosmetic filtering aka element blocking. Advanced features like JavaScript blocking, web logger, are not available in the browser’s built-in blocker. And some websites detect their native adblocker, and prevents you from accessing the website without disabling the feature. Not a good implementation IMO. Also, it’s written on C++ (a memory unsafe language).

Your beloved Vivaldi blocks absolutely nothing with its adblocker by default. It’s one of the worst browsers to protect the user’s privacy. I admire Vivaldi for being against cryptocurrencies and for their alliances with products that are private and trustworthy, but your fanaticism disgusts me.

And I find it very hypocritical of you to blame Mozilla for including 1 tracker on their website, when Vivaldi is proprietary software and they include a whitelist for their weak adblocker to satisfy their partners. Also, their UI is written in Node.js, that’s what makes it so slow compared to Brave and Firefox.

If you use Firefox when you visit Mozilla’s website, you don’t get Google Analytics tho.

To be honest, I can’t wait to learn how to use gtk-rs so I can make an app to browse Lemmy.ml and Lemmygrad (I also like Tauri and it fits very well for Lemmy, but I’ve always liked native GNOME apps more btw)

Fixed. Thanks/Eskerrik asko! <3

I have the exact same problem on all of my devices. Weird…

It used to be useful to ask questions about computers and technology in general, but not anymore. It’s full of ignorant British and American liberals (no matter how much they boast of their degrees) who answer questions with poor arguments and using fallacies. Moreover, the political part of Quora is even worse. It is full of historical revisionists.

Anyway, if you want to consult Quora for any reason, try accessing it from Quetre (a private front-end alternative to Quora, like Nitter or Teddit).

Oh man, I wish I could use a web browser based on Brave but without crypto. I would call it Unbraveified Brave.

I don’t want to sound rude, but what use are you going to give to this project? Is it supposed to be for users with older web browsers or for users with JavaScript disabled?

Something like Hexbear’s emoji selector would be nice IMO.

Interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing how it performs in the real world against programming languages like Rust.

Microsoft is Finally Ditching Electron
*The senior vice president of Microsoft Teams announced that Teams would be moving to their own Edge Webview2 Rendering Engine ditching Electron for seeking performance gains. It is marketed that Teams would consume 2x less memory as a result of the transition. It would be called Teams 2.0 and might ship with Windows 11 in late 2022.*

Firefox has better performance and RAM usage if you disable accessibility services!
publicado de forma cruzada desde: https://lemmy.ml/post/78544 > It's probably well known at this point, but it doesn't hurt to spread the word further. Disabling accessibility services in Firefox (both on desktop and mobile, but specially on mobile) helps **A LOT** with performance and RAM usage. > > Just set `accessibility.force_disabled` to 1 in `about:config` and enjoy the up to 20% less RAM usage and 5% less CPU usage (at least in my not so detailed testing on my laptop). > > In my case my system went from 7.9GB to 5.2GB with the same tabs and windows open and from 25% to 20% CPU usage while having one of those tabs playing a livestream. > > Quoting one [of the comments in the Reddit thread I found this out](https://www.teddit.net/r/firefox/comments/p8g5zd/_/h9t67h5/?context=1) to why this isn't disabled by default: > > Accessibility does not start by default, but it starts lazily if another piece of software on your device starts requesting accessibility features from Firefox.\ > \ > Unfortunately a lot of third-party software likes to do this even though they have nothing to do with assistive technologies. > > You can also [vote on this bug in Bugzilla](https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1726887) to help it get solved faster.

A private, cross-platform package tracking app. Track postal items directly on your device using accounts of postal services. The app respects your privacy and freedom: you don't use third-party online services. **Features:** - Free and Open Source software (FOSS) - Support for various platfroms and devices - Support accounts of different carriers - Detailed information about the postal items, carriers, tracking history - Local push notifications - Automatic tracking in the background, and also manual refreshing - Ability to add a list of track numbers - Filter and sort numbers by activity date, package status, carrier, etc - Barcode and QR code scanner for tracking numbers - Barcode generator - Archiving tracking numbers - Material Design 2.0 - Night theme - Responsive UI for different devices form factors - [Linux]: System tray support. Note: for support in GNOME, please install [gnome-shell-extension-appindicator](https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/615/appindicator-support/) or similar extension.