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Nah, i downvoted because the op appears to promote Russian imperialism and whataboutism, and that is a big red flag to me. I’m assuming most of the folks in here agree with the sentiment of this post, but the purpose of it is to pretend that Russian imperialism is fine because America does it? That’s absolute shit.

My vpn has given me an IP address that the site has banned! I wonder what precipitated that

Install yunoserve and host a mastadon instance? I host my website through wordpress this way. Yunohost let’s you install a bunch of interesting prebuilt things (wordpress, mastadon, email servers, folks sharing, etc) through a gui. As much as i love wandering through a cli, this just makes setting up super fast.

I’m guessing it’s to train to use commercial software for a potential job environment. That said, i haven’t touched a Microsoft officer product since the early aughts. Officer is an auto correct error, but i like it so it can stay.

And it’s so easy to become callous to the needs of the poor. It can be hard to remember that the grumbling angry person on the street is having a shitty ass life, and therefore, probably a pretty bad day

Thanks to the replies, I’ll check these out and reply if i get something together!

I had a friend tell me about getting a weird infection from doing just this in his, uh, regular sock

Any good open source speech to text?
I work at a public access tv station and am looking into the services that provide captions, but man are they expensive. I’m wondering if there’s a way i can engineer a box that can do the same. I’m looking at mozilla’s speech to text implementation, which is an interesting thing i never heard of before. Anyone have any experience with such a thing?

Ah Anthony, he likes everything that i like

I’d get those sunglasses that have little mirrors in them so you can see who’s sneaking up on ya

I like ionos. They’re super cheap, but not as zippy as others.

To kick your boss in the face, or to allow your boss to kick you in the face?

The constant upfront racism, trying to explain why something racist is racist, then getting dogpiled by casual everyday racists. Sarah Silverman was correct in her analysis all those years ago that it’s still ok to be racist towards Asians in America.

I only use chrome to watch internet videos illegally. Ublock doesn’t seem to block all i need in firefox, unless that’s changed