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I use Debian Testing almost everywhere. It’s as comfortable for me as Ubuntu but I never have to upgrade.

I use Mastodon most regularly and Lemmy second. So far I haven’t seen a lot of good content on PeerTube.

That’s federated but not fediverse. But Matrix is cool.

I misunderstood your question then. No, I don’t feel significantly more safe because of the 2nd amendment, but also not significantly less safe. It has little impact on me either way.

I encourage you to start an instance.

My main point is that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution that should be applied to the whole country. Let each community govern its own norms of what weapons are allowed. Military grade weapons may not be required in a rural area but that does not mean we need a state bureaucracy to restrict them.

I generally feel safe. Homicide is very far down the list of causes of death. I am taking a much larger risk every time I choose to enter a car and drive on the highway, that somebody isn’t going to randomly decide to swerve into me.

I am in the USA and don’t support gun control at a federal level. I understand why you would want to stop people from open carrying rifles in Manhattan but the same rules are not appropriate for people living in rural areas. It’s a difference of community control vs. state control – communities may choose not to have guns on the street but that’s not for the state to decide.

Yes, the community is only a few days old.

I’m on MATE and love it. I think it’s great that it doesn’t change and never will.

I am thinking of foundation-type bodies. Basically the FSF shouldn’t have a monopoly of ideas on the direction of the free software movement. The core philosophy is well-defined but personally I think the “single-issue” approach of the FSF is limited and we need to work in a broader political framework.

Yes, I feel this is how federation should work ideally. As long as it’s not automatic and is only for select communities, there should be few moderation concerns.

I agree, but I’m also not sure the FSF itself needs to be leading the way. We need more organizations dedicated to free software, representing a diversity of schools of thought. FSF is just one perspective coming from a certain context and a different time period. More organizations will bring in fresh perspectives and people who may be more savvy in the modern web.

For me, I’m interested in building towards federated replacements of all the major social network services - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, etc. and the “project” of the fediverse is that of bringing all of these under the ActivityPub protocol. So any project which replaces these services with ActivityPub (or even new, innovative uses of ActivityPub) would be of interest to me in this community.