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The only thing I’ve read that comes close was Reinventing Organisations which was amazing but maybe not quite on target for youyou


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I’m a manjaro user and loving it. I understand why Arch could be beneficial, and maybe as and when I have a bit more time I might play with it on a development machine. But for now, manjaro scratches my itch of being super useable and stable, and also makes me feel like I’m moving a bit on from Ubuntu and derivatives

I’m agreeing 👍👍

Thanks for sharing this! Very helpful in a work project I’m just starting

Going the way of Insta and Facebook. Even less reason to head there!

"After a long selection process, Gaia-X board bypassed the products from the hyperscalers and selected a European-developed and hosted collaboration platform. The Gaia-X members will collaborate on the next generation, independent and federated infrastructure for Europe using Nextcloud, the most popular on-premises content collaboration platform, hosted at Europe’s largest hosting provider, IONOS. As a large and diversified European endeavor, Gaia-X was looking for a flexible, functionally complete, and European-based collaboration platform that integrates well with other tools. Nextcloud facilitates extensive cross-organisational collaboration for us in a secure and compliant way. — Francesco Bonfiglio, CEO of Gaia-X AISBL"

Still trying to get around this and struggling. The setup (ansible-playbook lemmy.yml --become) has a fatal error due to not being able to connect. Any further suggestions? I think I have the wrong x@x input, but I don’t know what I should be putting in there - at the moment using the server login and ip address?

I have this problem too in trying to set up a new instance. Could you point me to something to help me understand how I can get a ssh connection working? The resources I’ve found so far (such as this ) don’t resolve it for me.

More about open source stuff, but have a look at joinmastodon.org, there will probably be leftist instances for you

Cheap hosting for new Lemmy instance
Hi Lemmy, I am interested in running a Lemmy instance. I've previously used Digital Ocean and Linode for other stuff, wondering whether anyone has additional recommendations? Thanks in advance 🙏

Thanks, will give it a try tomorrow and let you know how it went!

Hi Lemmy, I'm struggling with installing the alpha of dot browser; I follow the instructions given on the download page, and the ~/dot/dot instruction doesn't work for me.https://github.com/dothq/browser-desktop/releases Anyone had any success? Thanks