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Your example reads like John Sandford to me. Halfway through it I started hearing it in Richard Ferrone’s voice

I don’t really have a problem with the culture of reddit (at least not the reddits I frequent), so much as all the ads and astroturf. The question for me is whether Lemmy has strong enough modding tools to withstand that level of popularity.

Everything you say is true, but that “trickle down” you mention really is a trickle. Most of the yoububers I watch have patreon pages, or advertisers who they mention during the video, or a merch store, or their own creator-owned video site they’re hawking. Youtube itself doesn’t pay that much, but offers access to such a huge audience, that it’s worth it anyway. There’s no reason they couldn’t do all of that on Peertube (I don’t think), but why would they, if there’s no audience there.

I think they mean that a shave involves razors, not just clippers.