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It’s probably copyright infringement, so I’m in favor of it :)

How can I learn to subtitle/caption or to translate?
Is it pointless given that software does or will do it automatically? Certainly not everything is subtitled. I have subtitled short videos, but it took me a long time, what if I wanted to try to subtitle a movie? Is there a faster process? What guidelines or standards should I follow? Are there any educational materials that you recommend? I'll appreciate any kind of comment, thank you!

Thank you, this does give me more confidence. I’d like to hammer, sounds fun, it but I probably won’t. But just to be curious is encryption really that good. As far as I know 4 pin passwords and patterns are the most common way to lock a password, isn’t that easy to crack?

I don’t have a solder, and even if I had one I wouldn’t know what to desolder or how. But thanks for the info about disk encryption :D

Don’t batteries explode? Sounds dangerous, I’m definitively not doing that. I hope that’s sarcasm?

well, that’s how most of them got broken anyways. Sometimes water and sometimes coffee. That’s why I think that if I ever by a phone it should be waterproof.

Is it safe to throw away broken phones?
I have several smartphones that no longer work. I was going to rid of them one way or another, but it concerns me a bit that someone could recover information from those devices (photos, accounts, etc). Is it safe to dispose them? I can't delete anything since the phones don't work. I can't just remove the "hard drive" can I?

Help getting Titanfall 2 to run
Hi everyone, I got tf2 during this steam sale but I have not been able to run it in my machine (Arch/amd gpu). I was hoping I could get some help from you guys The game won't event launch and my guess is that the origin client is being the problem, since it never launches, and the last line of the steam window is something like > "Installing originthinsetup.exe" I've followed this guides: Origin additional dependencies [https://github.com/lutris/docs/blob/master/Origin.md) ]() Drivers [https://github.com/lutris/docs/blob/master/Origin.md]() I've tried reinstalling the game, deliting the prefix and I've tried proton-ge but I don't know what else to do And for some reason it does run on a linux mint machine, so theres that.

Help!! How do I get Mangohud + AMD FSR working on Lutris?
Hi. I've been trying to use mangohud and fsr in the same game, but I've get mixed results, and I would appreciate any help. With Steam it's as easy as adding the launch options "mangohud WINE_FULLSCREEN_FSR=1 %command%" and it works. With lutris I can get it to work if I installed the game trough a "lutris script", but if I added the game manually mangohud will show up until I switch to fullscreen to activate FSR. I think mangohud is still running, but it is being displayed out out of my screen? What could I be doing wrong? Would you need me to provide more information? Thank you very much

Will Overwatch 2 Beta run on Linux?
Does anyone know how was it during OW1 beta or launch? Would you like to try the beta? I'll try to get access. But I would have no idea of how to *try* to get it working. Could I be banned?

It sounds as too much of a hassle switching your whole distribution just to change one thing. I wouldn’t know how to distrohop either. But maybe sometime

Thank you for sharing it anyway. My brother uses Mint, so maybe that one could work. I don’ t know why I didn’t think of the AUR. Sadly it didn’t work. Maybe I’ll try it again sometime in a virtual machine so I don’t have to worry about something breaking.

I actually did (I dont know what you mean by initramfs tho). At first I had some problems about some key’s or signatures I think, and after solving that I had to wait a lot until the thing finished to install I guess.I use grub and it gave me automatically the option to choose my kernel. But it wouldn’t boot with the libre kernel sadly. Thankfully I just had to choose my default kernel to boot again. Btw I love your profile pic and name ^^

How can I install the Linux-Libre kernel?
I dont know if this is the correct place to ask this question, but is it possible to install the Linux-Libre kernel in my Manjaro machine? Could I go back to my default kernel if things don't work out? If so, how? I would say that I gnu/linux for the ethical reasons so the less propietary stuff the better right? I only use my machine for gaming. I have an AMD card, wired peripherials and an ethernet connection so I think drivers won't be too much of an issue. I'd call myself a Linux noob, so if you could point or give me a step by step guide I would appreciate it very much. As far as I got by myself was the download section, but I dont really know what to download and what to do after that. Thank you very much uwu