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What a world we live in when we need an open source movement to push back the capitalist drive to privatize a natural resource like food.

That being said, I’m glad to see that movement exists!

It’s already happening. I was reserving a rental car and at the checkout it asked if I wanted to pay an additional fee to go towards carbon offsetting measures.

I was thinking the same thing on how the study narrowed the definition of mental illness to only psychosis; which to me is misleading.

That last part about mental disorder is especially true.

Censorship in the West for minor criticisms isn’t overtly blocking in the information. Instead it is drowned out with the government’s narrative on all major platforms of discourse

The emphasis added in this post seems to speak to the limitation of the technology, because initial support will be for SMS and MMS. Then later on it will support voice and general data which require more bandwith.

Second, I’m surprised T-Mobile is willing to announce a deal with Elon Musk, given he reneged on the last couple of big deals he’s announced

I came across this the other day and thought if anyone else besides me takes these promises to plant trees or some other carbon capture method with a grain of salt. As a search engine it acts as a proxy for Bing and then uses Open Street Maps when looking up addresses, so it adds a dash of privacy.

“Thank you for your cooperation” I’ve always thought that sentence sounded very dystopian

He would rather exploit his workforce and make the conditions more stressful than just layoff people directly. That’s sleazy as hell.

That’s really good idea. Whenever my “dumb” TV bites the dust I will keep that in mind

That’s just awesome, lol

I always find it interesting that many of the harsh criticisms of cryptocurrency can be said of traditional currency and other assets. In the interview he even stated that the crypto world is speeding through the growing pains traditional markets had when they were not regulated.

I don’t like Elon either, but it’s not like it falls on him to end world hunger. If the banks that funded his acquisition can cobble together $43 billion then they could have done the same to end world hunger, provide clean water infrastructure, and any number of other projects to benefit humanity. Unfortunately the ones that hoard the wealth are short sighted and don’t see that as a good investment.

I like that they also tackled having a new device not having a charger by default, so people don’t end up with a million of the same charger