I came across this the other day and thought if anyone else besides me takes these promises to plant trees or some other carbon capture method with a grain of salt.

As a search engine it acts as a proxy for Bing and then uses Open Street Maps when looking up addresses, so it adds a dash of privacy.

  • poVoq
    72 years ago

    Its similar to those CO2 offset addons you can buy with Ryanair. The impact is probably low and fraud involved is likely high, but it is cheap and might be in the end better than a more expensive option that no-one uses/buys.

  • @iortega
    52 years ago

    I know the topic is not about this… but as long as the service doesn’t run on free software, it’s like “I don’t care what you do” to me

  • Arthur Besse
    22 years ago

    I don’t know about ecosia, who claims to plant 0.8 trees per second, and maybe I’m too cynical here… but I assume a lot of things like this are actually subsidizing deforestation for the purpose of planting oil palms.

    Here is a paper from 2002 on the website of the Malaysian government’s Palm Oil Board explaining how, at the time at least, they could actually sell carbon credits by classifying these rainforest-replacing plantations as a “Clean Development Mechanism” under the Kyoto Protocol. 🤦

    If you can’t figure out what kind of trees they’re planting and where, I’d remain skeptical.