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I second the advice of @suspended and urge you to seek advice from medical professionals. My background’s in biochemistry and I advise you to at least exhaust all medical avenues available to you before approaching self-medication, which is the last resort of only the most desperate.

I’ve been down this road myself. Its long, frustrating and seems utterly pointless and in my personal experience a lot of it genuinely was! A lot of the medications they’ll put you on will be a bust, assuming you get that far at all. But be it SSRIs like citalopram, sertraline or some other form of anti-depressant or anti-psychotic, you should at the very least still eliminate these possibilities before resorting to what you’re asking for. The effects of meds on an individidual’s personal biochemistry are slippery; there are no absolute guarantees of things working like they’re supposed to. This is why its so important that the process is overseen by trained professionals with a full record of what you’ve had and what your response is, so that they may adjust accordingly or intervene in the event of an unforeseen development that puts your immediate or long term health in jeopardy.

What you ultimately decide to do is up to you alone, but please at least consider what me and @suspended are saying. We’re telling you this out of concern for your own wellbeing.

Too busy waiting for their hospital appointnments

As a British person you have no idea how much this stings. When I was a boy and the NHS still worked they helped me treat a torn cornea. I was in and out of A&E in just a few hours; no difficulty or fuss.

Now I’m a grown man and I have an ingrown toenail. After an initial struggle to get it looked at by my GP, I’ve been referred to a podiatrist. It’s been several months since my referral and I still haven’t heard back from my podiatrist to even confirm a date where they can assess the condition of my toe. I inquired with my GP’s clinic for an estimate of how long it may take, and nobody dares to speculate. A week later, I met a comrade from my union who I hadn’t seen in a while. His arm was in a sling, and I could see from his fingers that his entire hand was swollen and pink with inflammation. It had been broken and in need of treatment for over a year. He’s still waiting on his operation. It occurred to me then that I would never see my podiatrist.

Now I’m preparing to carry out self surgery on my own toe. I have access to a podiatry textbook and I’m studying the procedure to safely remove the offending section of my toenail. Luckily I have a background in chemistry, so I’m confident I can synthesise some phenol and lidocaine to do it properly and safely. I already have the disposable sterile surgical tools. All I need now is povidone iodine and the nerve to carry out the surgery.

Do I now have to read the insufferable takes of twitter refugees over in mastodon?


Then all is right with the world

Explain Mastodon to me like I'm 5
I'm a poster on lemmygrad. That is the extent of my involvement in fediverse stuff. I am neither tech savvy nor interested in becoming so. What is Mastodon? Is it like the twitter what lemmy is to reddit? I'm not clued in in the slightest and not even sure if I should be? Do posts from Mastodon get moved here like other instances of things like lemmy do to lemmygrad? Do I now have to read the insufferable takes of twitter refugees over in mastodon?

Timber. High quality offlane Timbs are a sight to behold in the laning phase and can quickly ball out of control if allowed to get their mana regen online early.

It’s going well. I’ve been off fighting the good fight with my union against greedy and cruel landlords. We came under attack by a leccy after we made the demand for a complete fire safety review of the landlord’s property, presumably because it was his fault that our members’ house burnt down.

I’m so sorry. I wish pets could all outlive their owners like parrots and turtles :(

Got banned from /r/geopolitics after one of the mods saw that I frequented the chapotraphouse sub back when it was in its heyday. Vaguely remember him saying something about how “unserious” perspectives like a communist pov wasn’t allowed.

You could start by practicing what you preach, I guess?

Judging from your engagement with us, it seems more like you’re stirring the pot than making an earnest attempt to do anything positive.

In the first place, I don’t actually see much in the ways of infighting here. Where is all this terrible sectarianism you talk about? The only things you’ve posted are assertions with reference to basically nothing.

It’ll take time and commitment from its early userbase, but eventually it should pull in enough people to become a self sustaining counterculture community to the swamp that is reddit. People don’t come here for the content, but rather the community itself.

I’m a branch secretary and activist for the Workers Party of Britain and also a member of a communist party, as well as a very active member of ACORN, a community union. I spend most of my time leading and supporting member defence cases for ACORN members who have issues with their landlords, but I also occasionally do public speaking engagements, comms activities, party journalism, reading groups etc…

Got introduced to it some time on reddit and thought the idea sounded neat. Something that’s always concerned me is the monopolisation of all these big platforms by private interests. It’s essential we have our own platforms.

What matters isn’t whether or not our Lemmy instance grows, but rather the nature of this user growth and whether or not this can be steered by the community with its current personnel and resources; while we should avoid sudden, explosive growth that slips beyond the ability of our existing means to manage and control it we should never turn away a steady growth of the usership in more easily digested bites.

As socialists and communists our agenda is to raise the consciousness and organisation of the masses to the highest level possible. This extends to not only their consciousness of class, but also to raising their technical, academic and professional skills. Lemmygrad could serve as a great forum space for stimulating all of that, provided it continues to grow at a steady rate while safeguarding its standards, politics and culture. I think achieving this is feasible provided the tools and mod base are available to:-

  1. Enforce and even refine the existing standards and culture of communities on this platform

  2. Integrate both user and mod feedback mechanisms at the community level to prevent the emergence of mod cliques with no accountability to users and means to filter out those mods whose values and actions are unsuitable for the community they’ve been given authority to oversee.

As things currently stand, Reddit already functions as the home for casual demographics that go there simply out of a sheer hunger for content. These people have no incentive to come here, as we’re in absolutely no shape at all to compete with Reddit on the basis of content. Moreover, the Lemmy interface is too similar to it to truly distinguish itself and compete with it on that basis either. Therefore, we shouldn’t be concerned about an influx of reddit people to this platform.

We should intentionally be more discerning in terms of who should be welcomed and tolerated here, so as to foster a genuine alternative that caters specifically to people who share our own political sensibilities and view it as a space where that expression is valued rather than derided. As more dedicated users trickle in over time they’ll supplement the platform with increased capabilities that enable it to position itself more and more as the space for socialists and communists to come to instead of the Reddit cesspit.