I’m a poster on lemmygrad. That is the extent of my involvement in fediverse stuff. I am neither tech savvy nor interested in becoming so. What is Mastodon? Is it like the twitter what lemmy is to reddit? I’m not clued in in the slightest and not even sure if I should be? Do posts from Mastodon get moved here like other instances of things like lemmy do to lemmygrad? Do I now have to read the insufferable takes of twitter refugees over in mastodon?

  • Joe Bidet
    71 year ago

    Mastodon is an archipelago [image of archipelago]

    It is comprised of islands where people live and speak with each other. some of these island are connected to other islands with boats (the federation) that make people capable of talking from one island to the other…

    some of these islands are only connected with a few, some are very isolated. by chosing where you build your house (create an account) you chose with whom you will be living…

    on every island are different rules and different ways of being together and looking at the world.

    • @pingveno@lemmy.ml
      21 year ago

      some of these islands are only connected with a few, some are very isolated.

      Just to elaborate why, moderation decisions are left to individual Mastodon instances. If there is a disagreement (e.g. no Nazis vs Nazis allowed) then instances are allowed to disconnect. This happened to one instance, Gab, that turned into a total trash fire.

  • @sproid@lemmy.ml
    51 year ago

    Similar to Twitter but smaller in audience. What it lacks, sometimes can be overcome by more personal engagement and less stupidity. It does not have an algorithm behind the scenes so you won’t get the dopamine rush of viral content.