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This is the solution. If you are wanting to block a whole swathe of content youre on the wrong instance.

Sopuli.xyz gets indexed pretty well by the looks. If I add sopuli on to the end of the search the post or community comes up first.

Have you tried changing your theme in settings? There may be one that presents mobile content differently. Or it might be a case of creating a custom theme.

That’s an idea, though I imagine a service with ~ 90,000 accounts wouldn’t be newsworthy.

The Verge removed (some) pro pixelfed comments and I don't know why
As a fan of pixelfed I occasionally checkout to see if it is causing any buzz on comments, generally around instagram-is-doing-something-bad posts. The verge posted [this article](https://www.theverge.com/2022/7/26/23279815/instagram-feed-kardashians-criticism-fuck-it-im-out) and there were some pro pixelfed comments that have been removed. ![comment1 - the post under supermassive no longer exists ](https://sopuli.xyz/pictrs/image/bd5fbc2e-d61e-4a70-9bd5-3c3213c83b64.jpeg) ![comment2](https://sopuli.xyz/pictrs/image/13d4fb83-1a99-45e6-b76f-822f55b10ba9.jpeg) There is still one comment, which is a simple link to the .org. But I don't see why the comments were removed unless they were auto flagged as bot-spam perhaps. Yet other comments pimping and linking to other options remain. ![Links to other](https://sopuli.xyz/pictrs/image/556fb9fa-56b9-4693-9b4e-800df5132c75.jpeg) Makes me a bit grumpy, with all the work Dansup has been putting in.

At least the Ferrari didn’t blow up or break down… Would be said if that was the last event held there, the track is a good mix of sweeping corners and fast straights.

Each instance should look to have an identity/define what is it about, from there its a moderation challenge. If there is a instance better suited for a community, in a perfect world it would be possible for mods refer them there, but regardless there will always be some kind of general content / pull to stick to one server as thats how some people work.

2c. Communities. You create and join communities. Talking about a specific community - @music@sopuli, music community on sopuli Lemmy as a whole/collective - lemmyverse

Snap - thats pretty much what I do.

Bandcamp where possible. Not interested in subscription services. I love physical media / Artwork but LPs are out of the price range, so CDs it is. Youtube dl for live gigs.

If there was a race to watch as a first timer this might have been it. Pretty much covered the range of tactics and what could happen in an F1 race.

Happy for the guy to be able get a great result after all the flak.

Edit title - I didnt really think verstappen braved anything more that the other drivers. In form best car hes ahead by a mile. ALONSO! and Haas woo! I havent watched a canadian GP before but looking forward to the midfield scrap. Hopefully Norris/Russell can charge up the field as they seem to be good for the overtakes. Vettel Sadface.

I’m not their target market, because if anyone asked me I’d say krita/inkscape/affinity apps.

Would hate to see the drivers suffer permanent spinal / neck damage hope it can be sorted soon.

So meta wants to dominate with htag metaverse and square htag web5 and the other web giants will launch their own approaches and hopefully fedi can take learnings about web identity and payments and keep doing its own thing. this has the potential to affect onlyfans/insta directly and will allow twitter to remove moderation headaches. Or something.moving on.

After last year that would suck for him. I want to see perez give him a run for his money. ferraris strategy is probably weaker than their car…

From the initial performance Looking like business as usual - Leclerc taking pole but Verstappen blasting past on the straights. Perez must like his chances but who knows how may redflags / escape road exits will be taken in the race...

Yeah the fact that teams like Mercedes cannot spend their way to winning a championship is a big deal. Haas making the call not to develop their 2021 car showed prudent use of their budget.

Always happy to hear thoughts from Gunther. I cant imagine dealing with the amount of crashes from his drivers this year is going to help the balance sheet.

Danny Ric and Nicholas Latifi are just making up the numbers at the moment -

That is the whole point of federated communities - you don’t have to be on lemmy.ml to engage with lemmy content. To understand what lemmy.ml is about see this meta post.

If you were to try setting up an account on another instance I think you wouldn’t find it complicated at all. If the instance federates with lemmy, the lemmy.ml posts are available via ALL on posts and the lemmy communities can be accessed via the ALL button on communities. It’s fantastic.

Or join a generalist instance that federates with lemmy.ml but not lemmygrad as an option. Eg there is difference in /all content when viewed from lemmy.ml vs say sopuli. Beehaw also has a generalist sci community.

After last years disappointment I hope he can take the race this year. Blistering pace by the looks. If there is one race I can skip in the season it’s this one. I don’t know why F1 is still here given the car size / track limitations.

Side note : Ricciardos looking like poor value for money if his sick teammate can do a much better job.

Jinxed! Alonso always seeming to carve his way through.

Barcelona Quali - Haas and Mercedes with two in Q3!
Great day for them, not so good for the green red bull :/

Via [f1statsguru](https://twitter.com/f1statsguru/status/1526105147855757312)

Data permanence
Excluding existing archiving sites, do you have an expectation or think that data stored on lemmy should be permanent? E.g last 20+ years. Would it matter if old inactive content was culled? If you had the ability to export data if a sever was due to go down, what would you actually do with it.

One year later Checo gets pole
Pity he lucked out with the VSC.