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I bought one of the first orange PIs: they have terrible support for hardware, notable for the wifi: it is shipped as blob only in content of Armbian. No upstream drivers. You cannot have wifi and some other OS (even updated Armbian) nor openwrt etc.

The title is shitty, as the article says

“Beijing won’t let military-grade Loongson kit cross the border to Russia, or any other nation.”

You can change it to “China reportedly bans export of Loongson chips to Germany” or "China reportedly bans export of Loongson chips to Nepal’, while its content and “applicability” remains the same.

Does anybody uses Haiku on lemmy? )

I like Haiku, but last time I tried to boot in from flash on my notebook it failed.

There are C++ alternatives like CAF or rotor , they are far away from features of AKKA, but still they are FOSS and they are actor frameworks.

There is a “appimage” solution for developers. I.e. just make you app “fat” (let it bundles everything it needs into single executable), then user just downloads it and launches. Even automatic updates can be supported, afaik!

“Appimage” (and flatpack etc.) shoud not be used instead of standard disto packages, like firefox, chromium etc.

Try to change a disto, then. debian/void/arch/gentoo. )

Oh, come on, please, share a link and the name of the board, please!

The project is great. I tried to apply it at my work, but failed, becasue the project does not supports intremental (partially) parsing.

Russia has positive expirience in having own linux distos forks (Rosa, Alt, …), that’s why I thought they’ll also pick up some fork and will maintain it.

I wouder why Russian companies tries to use alternatives to google like Harmony OS which are not ready for usage in Smartphones, instead of trying ungoogle Android OSes like cyagenomod / lineage or even Postmarket OS…

VB has nice gui-manager out of the box, where it is possible to configure all things I need, from hardware to nat. I didn’t met similar frontend for qemu in the past.

Nice app, thank you. Will try to use via f-droid :)

does it requies registration and api key?

same for me.

Is there any f-droind weather app without any “api key” ?

Oh, come on. man, why build desktop application (for pesonal usage) as web-application?

Would it be better to have plain old desktop notes app plus some synchronization, e.g. syncthing ?