Bob’s Guns is an excellent track by Ludique.

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there’s a curry I make that’s got a texture close to ground beef chili with 100% less beef. I can post the recipe if anyone is interested but there are like a zillion ingredients so I’d rather there be actual interest before I do.

chat gpt isn’t very good at coding but it is pretty good at documenting functions and suggesting possible improvements, making things more idiomatic, giving you a quick run down on how to use a library, stuff like that. just gotta keep in mind that it lies to you with 100% confidence sometimes

recommend stremio / torrentio for this

unfortunately my balls were just too strong. back when I had them anyway

I definitely rate spironolactone a solid 2/10. made all my connective tissue problems worse, couldn’t sweat for the life of me, and barely didn’t do what I was taking it for. can’t get high from it either

there’s transphobia all over the place

you can honestly play so many games with a 480 no prob. if it can play cs:go and Stephen’s Sausage Roll what more do you need really. that pretty much covers all the gaming bases.

1080 Ti is also very reliable and you have more compatibility with CUDA programs if that matters to you. you’ll have to use propietary drivers though.

you know what this world needs, another cryptocurrency ICO

agitate people who are more receptive to agitation, not just random shithead liberals who say something awful.

a handy checklist to gauge general agitatibility in the US, try to get several boxes checked, the more the better

  • not white
  • works for a living (not software development)
  • disabled / lumpen / down and out / chronic health issues
  • has been to prison or jail
  • rides public transit
  • not strongly committed to liberalism (e.g. non voters, apolitical, non organizing leftists, some conservatives)
  • not a homeowner
  • no habit of consuming US propaganda (TV news, Rogan, NY Times/WSJ if not in New York)

the sooner the US collapses, the better off the entire rest of the world will be

there are miserable people everywhere my dude. have they tried simply being happy? skill issue.