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fediverse as movement and ideology <> cloudflare is not going together, u right.

yeah, just email from monitor arrived, deezer from hundred years ago just suffered even more

thanks for link, maybe i will send them my cv 😃, isp is not the one who is doing investigation, they just coop.

Do VPNs remove logs? do you have access to the log folders on the machines, or how do you know? im not gonna argue with anyone, its my personal opinion, do what ever you want to, if you think they are not loggin pls do so.

so you receveid the dmca and what happend? you had to pay? or it was just no no no and thas it? ypu had zero issues couse of you hid yourself so good or cause you are not a big fish to hunt, or to give an effort to pit you down for such a small data?

im not saying that you did bad, im just sayimg that this got multiple options how to look on the matter, even if you will not care at all and seed alot, they dont need to put you down, or vice versa, one seed with best harfening amd they will make a big problem out of it.


first, your isp sse everything even with vpn, i doenst matter. Rhe data stream is isp owned, with vpn you will just have different ip addrees of yours. You can rotate ip adress with vpn but that is same, they can associate otherwise, ypu device is leaking more than just ip address. not sure if vpn is even a solution cause moat of the servers providing vpns got lowered speeds fpr p2p, at least from my experience. I dont believe shit for the payed vpns, like nord vpn, you will just point on yourself, as,vpn is also,a,aimgle point of failure (your whole traffic is flowing cross one, monitored point, noone and i mean noone can,tell me othervise, all,servers got logs, all are monitored, its basic operarional stuff)

second, p2p connection is flowing cross specific ports on the net by default. ( isp doesnt need to do much effort to filter who is doing torrents. For example in Germany, isp is actively monitoring the ports and when u torrent, they will downgrade your up/down net speed for time beening and if you will continue with torrents they will cut you off from connection totally. in swizz ypu will be cut off immidiately and with fat fine to pay.

third, ypu didnt state why you like to hide your torrent activity? best to chcek a basic law, check local community with their experiemces and how law enforcement is doing their work, important is alao how friendly is a state with usa/hollywood > american lobby. If tou are locatwd in third world country dont bother, if you dont mind to be somewhere blacklisted, i mean your device, ip address and location address (ypu are saying u like to seed, if you are paet of some bigger thingy forget what i just wrote) isp has to have a proper system set up (operational costs) and with poor law enforcement they will not prosecute you.

forth, if you are looking for longterm solution and seed thousands, i would suggest to set a proxy farm in front of the machine and rotate ip addresses regularly, no windows no microsoft, host it on some server with no propietary software located is best in some 3rd world,country. Set the machinw thqt,it will be also flushing metadata,regularly and suppling fake data automaticaly. this is juat no easy task to do. From time to time change also,a phusical address, if you will be seeding alot, you will at some point be a target fpr someone, as i mwntioned american lobby, just check tprrentfreak how the raids are going, from time to time the will do a action cross the globe and then people going to jail.

ps- why,join marine when you can be.a pirate

first then firts, who are normal people? your question just doesnt have a easy or simple answer. We are living in transition period where our parents been sending physical letters and just couple gens later same people, our parent and us their kind having fights on forums if Signal is secure and private. They didnt live in the age of mass surveliance enabled by technolgy, which is so accessible right now. This state of mind just havnt been transformed yet, people caring habits, time flys crazy fast and the tech is quite complex thing, people just dont care or they dont understand. It taking resourses to gain such a knowledge. We have been throwen in the mixer of capitalism driven propaganda, with such a huge mass of informqtion on net accessible, is hard to belevie into something. Me perwonaly, im so paranoid that even in the brightest idea or actions found on net, i see doble edge sword, with some fishy backround.

without secret there is no democracy. Think like a biznis man, not like a consumer/customer. Nothing is for free, nothing. And if it free you are paying with your data, you are the product whos paying the machinery. I found here a nice link to one page named dataisnewoil 😃 think about it. And if someone just dont care try to educate try to ilustrate give examples, try again and again. If we will feed youngsters, educate them. some of them with catch it and the numbers will grow eventually. I hope it will be not to late. Be patiente and evaluate with who are you talking to about this topic, its hard topic, full of technicalities, laws and persone has to a bit woke or driven to at least think about his, hers rights, surroundings.

person can write a whole book about it, it would be boring one and some1 minght call it conspiracy based book.


yeah clickbait title and the article itself pointing on some fact that might some readers find a bit shocking, all the bulletpoints got sources out from the page. its lowering a quality of it, they could at least hyperlink it.

anyways, important message here for all of those lemmy users who called me a fbi agent cause i point on tor to be controled and monitored by authorities long time ago. As menrioned in article, they know exact portions of malicious activities, exact portions of dark web routed cross tor, they know precise statistics. How is that is simp asking himself? Cause is all rigged, i have been telling this long time, dont fcking use tor if you wanna hide yourself. those proxies, bridges are not in your control, you are not even able to know what other sw is running on the machines used for bridges. this is just a tip of iceberg. sit down and search web for infos and facts, some of them might be true and give you at least a bit of the bigger picture.

sincerely, your fbi agent, and i forgot … best is to use tor in combination with vpn, fckn idiots

well well well, us registered company? or where can i see a details or at least a details about this company?, us registered domain, under cloudflare, not really free speech, what else is runnimg under the cloudflare? the application? quite useless with net connection and you anyway heavy rely on 3rd party, buy api for sms or jabber … that also really free speech and totally out of your control. and the page looks like shit, at least try to sell it. the isp product is so heavily rooted in our society that we need to give a different approach, like our grand parents got, find a time for a people you love and see then face to face.

to sign in to alfa/demo only with google acc, there is no terms and conditions and also no privacy policy, no go for me.

private sector is out, goverment acts as 3rd party, etique of PaaS model,

this gives us a platform/predisposition to run a governmetal crm with legal digital citizentships

Governmental cloud PaaS,
cross-posted from: > could you please throw here your opinion on the matter? > > for me, 2 main aspects > > the business one, PaaS model > the goverment entity

Governmental cloud PaaS,
could you please throw here your opinion on the matter? for me, 2 main aspects > the business one, PaaS model the goverment entity

I hope you are right.

Sincerely, your dedicated federal agent.

did you just call a federal agent? and also i got so far most of dislikes collected here ever.

Im glad, its nice to know that some of you are giving so much of trust in the servise build and paid by us government. You have no and i will say again no clue who is running those services(and what is running on the same machines with your data), there are poeple who has a good intentions and would like to have an anon net. And there are the other people. Please do some investigation for youself, search who funded and build the base for tor movement, what was the ocassion and the ultimate goal.

im still amused by the title fed, ultimate lol.

just why you want to route all traffic via tor? ask yourself why? ISP can see everything and you are funneling your traffic via monitored network, you will just point on yourself, nothing is for free, those nods got purpose, so again pls ask yourself why you like to do it? why you wanna hide yourself? and what you wanna hide?

just prove the fact that “dhlsucks” is one word and they can go fck themselves. what intelectual property, like what a heck :D

yes, correct. you can be like that, it was not an intention now, eff is big platform with huge impact. there is no point to criticize some/something if it is meaningless. respect for your efforts with badger. i hope it will not turn dark and evil on the end all with eff.

good points. only one think is bothering me and that is EFF, by my opinion they are like a wolf in the sheep skin. Yes they acting in the favor of more private, secure and “better” web, but if you just look who is backing up the organization, who are the board members, then its clear that its a shady band (good example with fb and analytica scandal). im sorry but im applying zero trust policy even for them, even if i like the work what the whole EFF doing. this is just my personal view on the matter.

edit: they suggesting Signal to use, so fck eff particularry

maybe its worth a try maybe not. but u dont need this disro to root your traffic via tor (what i explicitly dont recommend, tor doesnt guarantee anon and privacy), you can change mac address of the device in any other distro same goes for dns.

the title of the article and also of the lemmy post is a bit clickbaity.