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well well well, us registered company? or where can i see a details or at least a details about this company?, us registered domain, under cloudflare, not really free speech, what else is runnimg under the cloudflare? the application? quite useless with net connection and you anyway heavy rely on 3rd party, buy api for sms or jabber … that also really free speech and totally out of your control. and the page looks like shit, at least try to sell it. the isp product is so heavily rooted in our society that we need to give a different approach, like our grand parents got, find a time for a people you love and see then face to face.

to sign in to alfa/demo only with google acc, there is no terms and conditions and also no privacy policy, no go for me.

private sector is out, goverment acts as 3rd party, etique of PaaS model,

this gives us a platform/predisposition to run a governmetal crm with legal digital citizentships

Governmental cloud PaaS,
cross-posted from: > could you please throw here your opinion on the matter? > > for me, 2 main aspects > > the business one, PaaS model > the goverment entity

Governmental cloud PaaS,
could you please throw here your opinion on the matter? for me, 2 main aspects > the business one, PaaS model the goverment entity

I hope you are right.

Sincerely, your dedicated federal agent.

did you just call a federal agent? and also i got so far most of dislikes collected here ever.

Im glad, its nice to know that some of you are giving so much of trust in the servise build and paid by us government. You have no and i will say again no clue who is running those services(and what is running on the same machines with your data), there are poeple who has a good intentions and would like to have an anon net. And there are the other people. Please do some investigation for youself, search who funded and build the base for tor movement, what was the ocassion and the ultimate goal.

im still amused by the title fed, ultimate lol.

just why you want to route all traffic via tor? ask yourself why? ISP can see everything and you are funneling your traffic via monitored network, you will just point on yourself, nothing is for free, those nods got purpose, so again pls ask yourself why you like to do it? why you wanna hide yourself? and what you wanna hide?

just prove the fact that “dhlsucks” is one word and they can go fck themselves. what intelectual property, like what a heck :D

yes, correct. you can be like that, it was not an intention now, eff is big platform with huge impact. there is no point to criticize some/something if it is meaningless. respect for your efforts with badger. i hope it will not turn dark and evil on the end all with eff.

good points. only one think is bothering me and that is EFF, by my opinion they are like a wolf in the sheep skin. Yes they acting in the favor of more private, secure and “better” web, but if you just look who is backing up the organization, who are the board members, then its clear that its a shady band (good example with fb and analytica scandal). im sorry but im applying zero trust policy even for them, even if i like the work what the whole EFF doing. this is just my personal view on the matter.

edit: they suggesting Signal to use, so fck eff particularry

maybe its worth a try maybe not. but u dont need this disro to root your traffic via tor (what i explicitly dont recommend, tor doesnt guarantee anon and privacy), you can change mac address of the device in any other distro same goes for dns.

the title of the article and also of the lemmy post is a bit clickbaity.

thanks for bringing this up.

we need to create whole new methodogy and “product time-line” for this.

link is very helpful. cheers!

my comment should not offend anyone, my apologize

yes, riot >>> element

explanation for “sharp” wording> often i get on web a thing, a lot of people expect to be private, secure and confident about their status of privacy and security with minimum knowledge and effort. Best case scenario > get a simple, point me on answer, have already existing platform/app to use. There are many ready tools, good tools to use, but no complex platform. You should know the small reliable fragments and put them together in the way u need and like.

there is no straight forward way to cover this, there is no “10 things how to keep your mobile communication secure and private” and if you see something like that, its some pseudo tech article written by whoeverfck for woeverfck reason and purpose. It may offer a partial solution, but no partial solution can be applied on this topic.

you like to have it set correct way, dig so deep that you will hit the bottom and even after that you should question your status if its everything correct/ if you are on latest update, unfortunately we are going full speed and accelerating more with digital age/selves, people should care about their digital identities more. Its super time consuming, you need to have at least some tech background, drive and some money to invest in hw. Build it from the bottom, to have a stable basis, which should be enabler/provider for dynamical changes on the top, as the changes are inevitably coming.

There so much things on the way, their are coming and going, its dynamic process, its IT, continuous change. observe > adapt > overcome (or exploit :D)


i dont recall lemmy as a wast platform with a wide spectrum of user such as reddit or some fb groups. This is for me more focused, specific, granular “soc app”, no lazy questions > no lazy answers. So I wrote a short “lazy” answer.

ps - i hope i will not get dissappointed with lemmy as I did with HN (as its heavily adminized, monetized, scalled and used for individual group interests)

from bunker, your bunkrra, lol

idk if you are expecting to get a simple, point me on answer, but this is a not simple topic. i will make a summ for you.

get own server, install on instance vpn server, dns server, get your own certificates, install matrix or other open source, by public verified soft. Same goes for all the small parts on the server, no propietary sw, even bios. get another copy of the same server hw, set 2nd leg to have 24/7 up and running service.

root your phone, get rid off all the shit on the phone, no goole no google play, no big bro app, sandbox it, get riot, block mic from all apps, just keep for the riot app, restrict apps to max on root level, but keep it still functional for tge purpose of the communication. same goes for your mate on the other site of communication channel. if the one device in chain is weak the whole chain is vulnerable.

connect riot with matrix, use all the time owndns and vpn, utilize and update devices and servers accordingly to the latest trends

you will still leak ip address and some meta data to matrix, but if the data flow will be crypted between instances, no1 should be the big brother in this case, only you will become one 😃

signal is not anymore open source, u know shit about what is there and the fact that its crypted by client its just thw way how to make it look transparent.

im doubting from the begging the whole “singal affair”, to good to be true story for me, i guess? cause of snowden told so? privacy should go with zero trust policy. btw im not using the app, pls dont take me as a oposittion, im happy that mentioned affair opened the data privacy topic to the wider public.

do we know kind of sw is running the servers? do we know their whole infrastructure? as has been already mentioned, centralization is a problem, it doesnt matter if signal is crypted, triple hashed, lol, or whatever. They are operating with your data, everything under “one” data warehouse, on the very end only couple of people have access and know the truth, so we can just talk and waste time. im not questioning the quality of the app, im questioning the fact, that you are anyway full of doubts when you are not running the system for you, by you. decentralized web.

this is propaganda, fuck signal, we need decengralized solutions all across the net. this article is just piece of makreting for me. for months we didnt know what is happening with signals source code and when they sudenly do update, an pr about they transparency is relesed? all respect to their idea but for me privacy isgoing with zero trust policy, decentralize everything the net has to be eun by people not by corporations with bilion dollars data warehouses.