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Your comments on this thread are literally violating your rule 4. The irony…

Hosting lemmy with Caddy v2 and Docker
Hello, I want to host my own lemmy instance but instead of using Nginx as a reverse proxy I want to use Caddy as a reverse proxy since it is easier. Sadly I am still learning how to use it and lemmy is putting me in hard position. Does anybody know how can I do it? Thanks in advance! ::: spoiler spoiler Edit: I have around $1,30 in Monero (at least it was that much a week or two before) if any helps me I am going to give it to him. :::

For some reason I cannot add the instance to the android app…

I have been stupid one time and I shared a link on reddit containing my BitWarden .csv export. Thankfuly I have change all my passwords since. Also I suggest you use the “new” barinsta that is not from F-droid.

This is the best response to court trethening I have ever seen. Everyone who hosts privacy related services should reply like this to such emails.

Only thing I can add to this is: Based Njalla

Molly has a feature, which prevents screenshots. Also everywhere you are in danger of password stealing, bruteforce attacks, etc.

The messages are encrypted on the phone

You can use Molly a fork of signal

Happy New Year!!!
Ye, just that Happy New Year!

It is the same with all other social media. What is the difference between wasting your day in Reddit, wasting your day in Lemmy, wasting your day in DickCock, wasting your day in Twitter