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Yes. There are too many terrible books out there, just look at the self help section of any typical bookstore.

Oh yay, yet another notes app… Notes-up for one example already has notebooks, tagging and colors as well and is open source.

It’s only you, sad to say.

It’s a way to isolate an app and it’s dependencies. This is done for security reasons and portability, but I suspect it has more to do with the fact that most developers are too lazy to make something work bare metal on every platform there is out there.

I’m actually really excited about all this

Vegan.btw would have been a cleaner better domain name IMO. I’m guessing though that isn’t a tld people can use.

Depending on how you feel about Google and privacy, having your Lemmy comments indexed could be seen as a negative thing.

I have mixed feelings about this

Not enough people, or not enough participation by current members. Basically not enough activity/liveliness. This will probably solve itself given enough time.

I remember once when this news crew was walking around asking people what class they belong to and how much they make was, the responses were telling. Absolutely everyone said they were “middle class”, regardless if they were making $20,000 a year or $200,000 a year.

There’s inklings of this kind of thing already here and there, one example:

Depends on the products. Soda for example is basically all just carbonated sugar water with different flavors. The consumer thinks they have a choice but it’s really all the same. Many Linux distros shouldn’t exist, but they do. Same idea carries over into politics here in North America. Choice is nice, but only if it’s a real choice. itself is an “instance” of Lemmy, lol. This is just like when people think they need to make an account on to have a Mastadon account.

I was also curious on what exactly you mean.

I work in retail and we have shoplifters all the time because we are in a shady area. Lots of arrests but some people get away. I have doubts even with the rampant shoplifting the place will ever shut down. I don’t see a huge issue about having a community for it. It’s not going to enable more successful shoplifting.