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Yes but it’s not good enough for privacy for many users, as it requires a phone number to set up an account.

Actually some search engines like duckduckgo and brave use this method, where the ads are only based on your query (so when you search for ‘bank’ you will get ads for banks). I think this is the correct way to advertise.

What other comments mentioned, and also, https://tosdr.org might be a good tool. It summarizes terms of service and privacy policy into a few sentences.

Just turn off internet access and disable permissions such as location and microphone if they’re there, you should get decent privacy. I use WPS and it works quite well.

If you get a reddit result in duckduckgo (or other search engine), for me it is usually much more helpful than other websites. It works with forums because you see the upvotes and comments.

I created protonmail with temporary email, (fakermail.com), or with recaptcha (works with VPN but not with TOR.

Librewolf is actually better, no need to manually make firefox better (or other firefox fork).

Don’t use tiktok, it’s really bad for your privacy, a super addictive app. The main point is to just watch recommended videos rather than searching, which makes it more like TV. It also censors content, and most of what you’ll find there is actually bad. The app is proprietary, therefore making a different client is hard. (Newpipe for example doesn’t recommend videos to you that aren’t in your list, but tiktok’s recommendation algorithm can’t be done this way. Anyway, better not to get started, it will just waste your time.

Mastodon (like twitter)

Lemmy (of course, like reddit)

Pixelfed (instagram, but I haven’t used it)

Also try to look at fediverse website, there you can find more.